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    Hello again guys!

    I have a great for a vehicle in Starbound. So how about a tank, a hover tank, not the one with tracks. Because you know, it would be stressful if the terrain is uneven if we use tracks, so I think the hover one is better.

    So here are my ideas:
    • The tank can be man by up to three person inside, and not only by playable character, but non-playable character as well.
    • The part of the tank that can be man is the hull and the turret, two person in the hull, the cannon gunner and the hull machine gunner, and the other one in the turret, who manned the coxial and the AA machine gun.
    • If the tank is manned by NPC, the tank will automatically shoot the enemy within its LOS. Example: If the hull machine gun is manned by NPC, it will automatically shoots the enemy in front of the tank.
    • The cannon gunner can't be manned by NPC, because the cannon gunner is also the driver.
    • There are two kind of shell that can be use, the AP one, that can pierce through several enemies and the HE one, that can explode several enemies. The LMB for the HE and the RMB for the AP.
    • The tank can't crush through enemies, because it hovers.
    That's all for now. If you have anything in mind about it, just post it in this thread. Please support this idea if you agree with it. For the devs, I hope you read this idea and if you agree, please let me know it.

    See you soon, you guys!

    I will occasionally give update to this idea. If you have more idea about it, just post it here and I will reconsider to add it.
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