A list of bugs me and a friend have come across so far.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by CleverCreations, May 20, 2018.

  1. CleverCreations

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    *A few days ago, me and my friend were trying to build a coop for the community center bundles.
    She asked me to get Robin to build the coop. I brought the materials, and had her build it right next to my cabin.
    But when we went to save, my friend's game crashed (she's the host).
    We tried building it several times, until my friend decided to do it herself.
    As an extra precaution, I didn't join the game until she saved.
    I'm not entirely sure why this happens.

    *For some odd reason, only the host can see what we need for the community center via the inventory menu. When I try to view it, it only shows the first set of bundles, and shows that nothing has been donated, even though we have many bundles unlocked, and even completed some.

    *Me and the host decided that whenever the community center was going to upgrade, we would both go there for the cut-scene. However, when we completed the boiler room, she got stuck in an object that spawned in the completed version of the boiler room (a pipe to the right). Our only solution was to have her waste her energy and pass out, while I headed back to the cabin to save.

    *Rather than stopping NPCs, sometimes they simply clip through you. When you talk to them, they walk a few feet away before stopping, despite having the text box open.

    *Sometimes when the host is in the mines, and I'm in the community center, the music from the mines play for me.

    *When we got to the level with the crystal dagger, I opened the chest to grab it, and my friend destroyed the chest. I wanted to give her the dagger, so I dropped it. For some reason, the item duplicated in her inventory, so now we both have a dagger.

    -Only the host can have robin build things without the game crashing

    -host is the only one able to view needed community center stuff via inventory menu

    -players can become stuck in community center in certain areas once said area is upgraded

    -NPCs clip through you rather than stopping and becoming confused, and continue walking despite being in the middle of a conversation with a player

    -When a player is in the mines, and another is in the community center, sometimes the player in the center can hear the music from the mines

    -Crystal dagger can be duplicated..?
    • CleverCreations

      CleverCreations Void-Bound Voyager

      I forgot to mention; I was donating things to the museum while my friend found a book, and all items prior to the current donating session seemingly got lost.
      It was extremely annoying, because the stuff we had donated were mostly rare and hard to come across.
      • Asian Clark Kent

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        -Host is the only one able to view needed community center stuff via inventory menu (Verified this happened to my friends and I as well)
        -Crystal dagger can be duplicated..? (Apparently if both people click on the chest you both get the item. I'm assuming the duplicate was intentional)

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