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    These are just a list of things that would be nice to see in Starbound:

    - A lot more Bosses: Aside from the Bosses found in the Artifact Story, there should be Bosses for each type of world, like a Desert planet would have a Massive Worm boss, fiery planet would have Magma Boss, even regular planets having powerful outlaws who are leaders or right-hands of criminal organizations/groups.

    - Multiple ways Pirate(s) attacks the player: Pirates are obviously bad guys and most will kill for money (or pixels) or just because, so it would make sense for them to raid your ship while it's parked (say a few days time limit before they start raiding), attack/raid the Outpost, attack/raid player made colonies, etc.

    Other Idea: If a player was killed by another player, place a bounty on that player & have pirates go after player (Pixels affects the quality & quantity of Pirates that go after player. Example: 100p - 2 penguins, 10k p - 2 Glitch Black Knights, 50k p - a Boss & several Black Knights armed with tier 5 weapons, etc).

    - More features for your ship: Besides managing your crew, managing important missions, and scanning planets for planet hazards, there should be more like... Detecting Race Name, Detecting Villages/Cities/Settlements, Detecting Criminal Strongholds, what the most common beast/creature is on the planet, how many people need assistance (quests), etc.
    But don't add them just because, make them into upgrades for the ship and separate from Ship Expansion upgrades.

    Other ideas: Tiers of Fuel Tanks (holds more, uses less/ more efficiently) and Range Enhancers (For Ship Teleporter - like beaming down to a planet you're not parked at an haven't bookmarked).

    - Are you good or bad: The story being adding to the game is epic, but there should be a 2nd story to the game, to play as the bad guys. Just a lil thought, "Play as Protectorate or Syndicate". Also this would make PvP in Starbound more understandable (if it was ever implemented) cause it would be good vs bad instead of Protectorate vs Protectorate (makes more sense to have cops chase robbers instead of cops chasing cops cause technically that is what Protectorates are).

    - More Variety of Weapons & Armor: Having 2 different armor sets, 2 iron and 2 tungsten weapons for tier 1, then 1 extra armor set & 2 titanium weapons for tier 2, etc. There needs to be more variety like tier 1 should have all ranged an melee types, same with all following tiers. There should be 3 different sets of armors as well per tier (range, melee, and balanced).

    Other ideas: Weapons & Armor customization like adding augments, use materials to boost weapons & armor in certain areas, add accessory slots (2 rings & 1 necklace) for extra buffs, combine 2 to 3 ores together to create special ores (craft station idea: Matter Re-Organizer), etc.

    - Experience & Stats system: There's already quite a lot in the game that can be used with this; NPC & Merchant Quests, Monsters/creatures, Capturing Monsters/creatures, Farming, Attracting NPCs for Colonies, Completing Main Story Quests, Slaying Powerful Monsters/NPCs, Mining, Crafting, etc.
    Basically make it so that we can gain levels & get stronger whether we have armor & weapons on or not, like every level we have 4 attribute points to spend and several stats to fill (Life, Energy, Attack, Defense, Agility, HP Regen, and Pet Stats - Pet Stats basically filling all their stats by 1).
    Adding this to the game would make Casual and Survival a lot more enjoyable and Hardcore would actually be do-able instead of impossible as it is now.

    - Minor Ideas:
    . Add Signs (basically little waypoints & markers that can be crafted & placed).
    . Storage Naming (Would help with organization immensely).
    . Maps (For Planets & Moons only, would make retracing steps less tedious & less annoying especially if we know where to look).
    . If mining the rock, then the vine should drop (The MM being able to mine anything & pick up Lava but unable to mine a rock attached to a vine makes no sense - A tree is understandable, but a vine is hanging off that rock, that vine is NOT holding that rock in place).
    . Add Coordinates for Quest Givers after accepting quests (I've had to abandon quite a number of quests because I couldn't remember where the quest givers were and if they were on a different server - If on a different server, Grey them out til player re-enters that server (also mention who's server) or abandons quest and if Quest Giver in own server then add coords to the quest so they can be turned in).

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