A long term event/story idea.

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    First off I'm in the middle of my 2 year, so... I haven't seen all the content yet and therefor don't know everything about the game or if my idea conflicts with events I have not yet experienced. But... I will still put out this random idea I had during my second luau Event.

    The governor builds his summer home in the town.
    Happens if the player has successfully pleased the Governor at the Luau several times (as in getting the most positive response maybe 3-5 times?).
    -After the house is constructed the governor, his wife, and their pet Pomeranian become residents of the town during the summer. They have a schedule like the townsfolk, just limited to 1/4 the year.
    -You can befriend them like any of the other characters even getting a few events at the various heart stages (it just might take longer to do so since they are only there for part of the year)
    -While in residence governor or his wife may give some tougher quests for the player via the bulletin board/mail (they may have expensive tastes... such as wanting 100 gold star melons, or 20 super sea cucumbers. Obviously the rewards should be worth the hassle.)
    Mini Story/Conflict
    It turns out the land the governor purchased for his house just happens to be the area where Linus's tent is! Now depending on certain friendship levels of certain towns people one can have various outcomes. (you should have to the beginning of the next year to find a solution for the conflict)
    -No applicable friendships with involved characters. Linus is forced to move his tent to the forest south of Marnie's ranch. at least once a week he makes the trek up to where he used to live stares at the new house and sighs wistfully.
    -High/Maxed friendship with Linus. You have the option to invite Linus to live on your property! you'll need to clear a place for his tent and/or hire Robin to build him a nicer place for him to live (or maybe upgrade it later). of coarse he's grateful for your help and offers to help maintain your property in lieu of rent. (if you leave him some stone/iron/wood he'll fix your fences at night, maybe other stuff).
    -Maxed friendship with Lewis. You have the Option of convincing Lewis to gift some land in/near the town Linus! (I'm thinking that fenced off area north of the blacksmith and south of Joja mart), later if you up your friendship to Linus you can help him upgrade his property via Robin. Grateful for your help Linus supplies you with the occasional rare material/seed that seems to pop up on his property. (hardwood, iridium, some special or rare plant seeds, etc.)
    -Maxed friendship with Linus and Lewis (at the point of decision). Have the Option to plead Linus's case to the Governor when he comes to survey the land before starting to build his house. The governor is moved but still want his house in the valley... So he Hires Linus as a groundskeeper to live in and maintain the property! Both Linus and Lewis appreciate your help and sends gifts of useful things, withe the occasional rare item.

    Note: if your forced to take the first option due to lacking friendship requirements with involved people, maybe you can have the opportunity to help Linus out in one of those ways when you do get your friendship up with them.

    so, good idea?
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    • TheSilentObserver

      TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

      Gotta say...

      ... I quite like it. I quite like it a lot.
      • Zoolandoon

        Zoolandoon Void-Bound Voyager

        thanks, I think it fits pretty well with the games feel.
        • TheSilentObserver

          TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

          It actually does feel like it could slip right in without anyone batting an eyelash.

          Oh, this thing that got mentioned about a Summer Home? Yeah... guess what... it's getting built! AWESOME! Now the governor is your neighbor!

          OH, what's this? He's bought the plot of land that Linus is squatting on? CONFLICT!

          It's good. It's so good, I'm surprised it's not already a thing. It's not a thing, right?
          • Nickwulf

            Nickwulf Intergalactic Tourist

            That sounds pretty cool would be nice to see something like that either from ape or in a mod if possible.
            • Khaosius

              Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

              This is definitely a killer suggestion. However, with so many necessary changes I feel it would be better off as a mod, due to the amount of coding, and the amount of work that still needs to be done to Stardew. I would strongly suggest posting it over in the mods section and see if one of them bite. If you do, post here with the link and I'll give my full support.
              • Evendius

                Evendius Astral Cartographer

                well, I would be surprised if we didn't get content updates in the future after MP is in, and that would include big story events. I love the idea btw
                • Tamorr

                  Tamorr Supernova

                  the idea sounds great at first, but I am thinking just having a choice to have him living in the forest seems like best option, since he is a wilderness man. Possibly on the other side of the lake from Leah's.

                  I do like the idea, but I don't think linus would really like working for someone that destroyed his home. Not to mention that is the place you walk past to get to the bathhouse.

                  This is just from what I know of the dialogue of linus. I can understand the farm bit with him being 8+ hearts, but any lower he mind as well be moving to the forest near Leah's.

                  That sounds like a lot of work as well, since that would be an extreme schedule change, not necessarily the schedule itself, but the pathing for the schedule. Regardless of any of that I enjoy the notion of the idea of another joja like enterprise. Yes I went there, as that is almost what it sounds like. Bulldozing something in order to place something else. To have a choice that would fit with the leisure bit of the game might be tricky to find with this one, and probably why I agree with the other one mentioning it sounds more like best being a mod.

                  Still like the idea though. :nuruhappy:
                  • Zoolandoon

                    Zoolandoon Void-Bound Voyager

                    hmm... I was getting the impression he was mostly just a homeless guy then a wild-man. I'm only at 5 hearts with him so there's probably a event or two I haven't seen yet (after all wild man wouldn't really need to go through trashcans). I'm also assuming Linus doesn't own that land (the little cliff he's living on), and since he's pretty harmless the mayor and other towns folk don't mind him squatting on land that's been for sale for a long time.

                    Maybe there could be a 5th option then a replacement for another (to keep the wild-man theme).

                    Another Solution

                    -High/Maxed friendship with The Wizard. You and the wizard come up with a solution. The wizard opens the way to a secret grove were he collect many of his magical reagents(like a hole in the wall of a cliff near his tower or something). Linus moves in and is quite happy there, he collects the reagents for the wizard and has pleasant foresty place to live (and you occasionally get a gift of some of the wizards extra magical-like plants or/and materials as thanks from Linus).

                    As far a the changes to pathing... Yep I could see that being a issue, I'm assuming that the routines of the townspeople are codded in such a way that they could be altered... Only the summer routines would get a need adjusting for everyone (and not necessarily everyone the governor and his wife don't need to visit every place on the map after all). A new set of routines would need to be given to Linus based on where he is. He never seems to go far from were he lives so I don't think keeping him in the general area of where-ever he ends up would cause any other conflicts with the other schedules.

                    Also I wouldn't expect this to be a top-of-the-list thing to implemented, but some thing that alters the retinue for the game after one gets past multiple years of game-play should be a thing. Again I'm assuming there isn't such a thing yet, but even being around the middle of my second year money is no longer a issue, I can get 10k fairly often and I've nearly cleared the mine and the community center. I know there's an area or two I haven't been just yet... But I can see a lack of things to do on the horizon.

                    Mods may be a solution, but it going to take a while for anything more then cosmetic mods to get going, and that's all there seems to be at the moment. I wouldn't mind if a modder snatches up the idea...
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                    • Tamorr

                      Tamorr Supernova

                      @Zoolandoon multiple different outcomes would be something I rather enjoy.

                      I said wilderness man not wild man. Those are 2 different things. Wild man implies living on instinct similar to george or tarazan. Wilderness man is one use to living off the land. Even if that means getting food from the garbage. After all the can resides on land and fresh food not going to waste is something to keep in mind with living in the wilderness. So scavenger at best in many ways. Some may call him a hobo, but really it is a life choice he made apparently to live somewhat in the wilderness with minimum contact. I see the charm in him doing his best to survive from what he can gather.

                      It is a matter of perspective for sure. Some people don't like letting food go to waste, since they have to go and technically hunt for it. In the case of his it is more like foraging. Sure the trash cans may be looked down upon by most and seem out of the ordinary, but the lifestyle of the Native americans were viewed kind of the same way. Just an example from history of our own world.

                      Regardless that seems like a decent little extra path as well. indirectly working for the wizard seems likely I would think. Probably one of the ones that could understand him quite well. At least from what I know of the wizard that is.

                      It is just the way I saw thinks and my first thoughts when I saw linus and his non-town like behavior, although he is part of the town. You will always find someone whom is just making ends meat barely getting by; however in his case it might be just the way of life he enjoys of the outdoors. I've done a lot of backpacking so I know the feeling, although wouldn't quite go to such lengths for survival since we prepared for each trip ahead of time. In a way it is like a city on a small scale, where you have someone living at the outskirts of a hidden valley. Food is food, as long as it is not rotten. There is common sense.

                      Before I ramble onward some more I'll just leave it at that the other path you came up with on the wizard would be a more liable and interesting one. The rich nobles servant is kind of too cliche I guess, or done so often that it seems almost self imposing. Still though I do like that one as well, just seems like what one must do if there was no where else to go. However there is plenty of land where he could go, hence me mentioning it not seemly feeling right for his character. But that is only assuming and deducing from what I do know of him. Since most the time he just wants to be left alone, in the sense the he enjoys his lifestyle like it was his lifeblood or something like that. :nuruhappy:

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