Boss A meaningful progression from one boss to another.

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    This is meant to give a space to unify my thoughts about bosses as so far I've just replied in other people threads.
    In first place, so far the bosses don't make sense at all eyond the UFO boss. ITs ok, I'm stranded in the alpha sector and I need help to get out so I craft a distress beacon to attempt to get some help. This is fine.

    After this comes the robot boss, which you have to craft, then fight to obtain a piece out of him that you proaly crafted for it's creation, as others have pointed out before. Now here is what I suggest for this boss, you find some plans in t he ufo bosss derelict that teach you how to craft what seems to e a repair bot which you build in hopes it can fix your engine, for this I have 2 different suggestions:

    - The robot takes over your ship and take you to a planet with a strange scientific complex. then it beams both of you inside the complex by introducing a special code. Once inside you'll have to defeat your robot as well as other mobs and eventually disable the complex main AI. When you do so, you find an aux AI that offers you help (and proably temptations which could change from race to race) if you spare its life, but warn you aout being unable to get passeta sector without his help. I'f you acept, that si it, the AI gives you 2 chips for your ship, one of them will get you the AI uploaded to your ship while the other one is the one we already know and that would gide you through the following boss fights telling you where to go, what to do and what you need to retrieve.

    - The other option is that the robot actually create a stargate that summons the real robot boss intp the planet you landed on.
    After the fight you would get the chip and either the AI for your ship or some notes about some old technology that you think might be helpfull, the instructions would include the decoy princess and the location of the planet with the dragon boss.
    The dragon boss is in a lair you might find without the decoy princess, but where there's some regeneration tools that make
    the dragon undefeatable so you need to lure it out with a decoy. Once defeated you would find info about the next boss this
    way from now on.
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    As for the Robot i belive the characters first intention was for it to be a defence system but it grew self aware and started attacking. As for the Dragon that does not make any sense what so ever. And the jelly i belive was just "i need a pet" or "i need food" and the trap was just a bit to much.

    but it is a nice post.

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