NPC A New Type of Crew that Allow Us To Customize Other Crew's Weaponry

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    I have an idea about a new type of crew that will allow us to customize other crew's weaponry, maybe we can call it "Weapon Expert" or it is up to the development team. So, we will need to find a new weapon for the the crew that we will customize to replace their current weapon. When we interact with the "Weapon Expert" it will open a new panel, called the "Weapon Customization" or again, it is up to the development team. Inside the "Weapon Customization" panel there is a list of our crew and next to it there is a list of their current weapon. So we can easily customize it, just by dragging the new weapon from our inventory in to our crew's current weapon to change it. I think the color for their uniform will be gray (lighter than the color of the Outlaw and darker then the color of the Medic) or yes, it is up to the development team. We can also change the armor of our crew with the "Weapon Expert". The way it works is the same with the "Weapon Customization" panel. That's the idea I have been thinking so long. I hope you guys from the development team agree with these idea. I believe you are very busy right now, but then again please consider these. Finally if anyone else interest in my idea you can post your thought in this thread. Maybe you have some idea to add or something, it is all welcome. Thank you for letting me post my idea.

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