A number of minor bugs/feature requests

Discussion in 'Support' started by k123, May 5, 2019.

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    Nice game!

    I'm playing gog version 1.0.8 on Linux and ran into a couple of issues:
    * Enemies revived by High Priestess are occasionally painted one square above their actual position. In one case this even lead to two cultists seemingly standing on the same square.
    * When an achievement reward is claimed while the inventory is full, the item is lost.
    * In the final level, in the 2nd sector I was justed greeted by Leonora - who was already on my team (although k.o.). See attached screenshot.
    * I believe the "kill 3 enemies at once" achievement was not unlocked when one was killed by an exploding infected; not entirely sure. (Achievement was correctly awarded when three enemies were killed with a burst, so I couldn't try again.)

    And a few small suggestions for improvements:
    * Allow sending loot directly to valuables (this is currently not possible if the jeep inventory is already full).
    * Some of the achievements seem ridiculously hard to get, especially killing 1500 cultists or failing 200 times.
    * Explain somewhere how to get watches, I haven't found a single one yet!
    * It would be nice to know if changing the mission difficult has an impact on the loot one finds.

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