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WIP A relativelly random NPCs mod dedicated to relativelly random NPCs.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by W1K, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. W1K

    W1K Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Given people around here have been going wild with experimentation, with the modding community being so small and undeveloped at the moment, as a kind-of-proud-let's-pretend-it's-a-thing long date Terraria modder I couldn't just stand around doing nothing looking at my not so shiny thorny ship while people get all the fun out here. Nope. Totally couldn't.

    I decided to instantly look into the AIs coding side of the game, given there seem to be a pretty good number of pre-existent resources (and also because I have no idea how far weapons can be pushed so far as all I've been able to look into is making projectiles shoot other projectiles), I've took a random unique creature and turned into an incredibly random supposedly boss NPC.
    And so the custom npcs hunt began.

    I'm not really looking for a full mod release. More than anything, I'm here to learn as probably most of the modding community right now. I have fugged around with some codes, some people might benefit from said codes as much as I would benefit from knowing how to improve them or to swaggest stuffs.

    What I'm proposing here right now is not really much. Took me two days of playing around, but I pullsed out a rather simple yet cool NPC edit. Serpent Droid for who'se familiar with the names. For who just isn't, look at the screen a few lines above.
    I took it, edited some parameters, reworked some parts of the AI, tried to turn it into a boss to the best of my lua-incredible-newbie abilities.

    To explain what I did in a simple list of features:
    - Took the NPC, made a "boss" version of it which is completelly independant.
    - The "boss" variant is 4 times as big, quite some pain to deal with sizes and offsets but it turned out not too bad.
    - The AI got reworked to be more interesting and more worth of the "boss title".
    -- It now shoots 5 different kind of projectiles, switcing from one to another with a 3 seconds delay between each wave. They shoot at an huge rate of fire, but to compensate, the spread is rather huge and the projectiles speed is rather slow for the most (I just like to dodge stuffz).
    -- The shield system has beem reworked. The NPC is now shielded the whole time. The shield works as a second health and disappears once depleted. It protects the NPC from any damage while active (can stand up to 100 damage when fully charged). It also regenerates over time.
    -- The NPC now moves even when shielded. It is also able to jump (to a certain extend, it can easily get stuck, being rather huge, did what's in the best of my abilities to tune the hitboxes as well as possible.
    -- The NPC regenerates itself when the shield is up. It's a simple mechanic I made to make the fight more interesting. Refraining from causing damages for too long can cause the NPC to heal quite a lot. It also forced me to code my own and simple damage check code as the vanilla one seems to be broken, but that's just details.
    - The NPC has its own drop table for testing purposes (it can only drops one tier2 balanced test weapon, the boss is actually tier6).
    - Still for test purposes, the NPC can be spawned thro a custom made iron beacon, literally copy pasted from the original and can be crafted with just 1 pixel. The recipe is unlocked on tier2.

    As one might notice, the mod lacks any sort of decently-relevant contents. As I said above, it's purelly for testing purposes and I just wanted to see how it would turn out. I might do more at some point, I most likelly will, I'm actually looking forward to port my Terraria custom bosses as a whole into the game. Feel free to try it out and/or give a look at the code if you're interested. I'd also appreciate to get some feedback on how it cuold be improved (possibly, in a technical way, I'm not really looking into improving the boss-fight-concept itself, rather, into improving mine and whoeverelsewouldbeinterested knowledge of such topic).

    Rather obvious note, the mod is not compatible with other mods that directly edit player.config or the default treasure pools. Of course, this is going to be a persistent problem until we get a decent merging feature.

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  2. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Void-Bound Voyager

    Four times as big as that thing.
    Why is this happening.
  3. Kage

    Kage Void-Bound Voyager

    Cool that is all whens a new update?
  4. W1K

    W1K Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    When I get motivated enough to do something else I guess. Kind of forcing myself to get to the supposed-endgame first. Having all the tiers armors at hand would be useful. I'm also planning out what to do in the first place as just making random bosses without any related contents wouldn't be as a good idea. I'm also waiting for the official merging feature, because being forced to switch mods continiously can prove to be rather annoying.

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