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Closed ABC-Music has unintended Breaks

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by mexxes01, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. mexxes01

    mexxes01 Aquatic Astronaut

    First of all i really like the ability to play music in the game, so to me this is an important issue^^

    Some of my ABC-Tunes have unintended Breaks in them in after a specific time. No matter how i alter the beat or
    note value, i can't get rid of it.
    In Maestro they play just fine.
    Is there anyone who experienced the same and is able to help me?
    I attached the file.

    Thank you Mexxes ;)

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  2. mexxes01

    mexxes01 Aquatic Astronaut

    For those experiencing the same problem, after a lot of trial and error i kind of found a solution.
    I removed the Beat (M: 3/4 etc.) along with the " | " Symbols which distinguish the tacts. But the double " | " Symbols ( || ) mustn't be removed, they are somewhat important, don't know exactly how, but without these it fucks up the whole song.
    When doing that some scores will sound wrong, you have to identify them and correct them. I used Notepad++ for all of this.
    If someone is interested, i have attached the corrected versions, it's "To Zanarkand" a solo version, and a two players version. :poke::nuruhype:

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