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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. pherret

    pherret Mop

    i be like: confirming my email
    this website be like: error
  2. vpreikst

    vpreikst Space Hobo

    Also having email receiving problems for account activation. Thanks for any help,
  3. bada1004

    bada1004 Space Hobo

    I resend the email and clicked the link several times, but I can not confirm membership. Can you check my account?
  4. LionDEmil

    LionDEmil Space Hobo

    Its been almost a week since I resending the confirmation mail many times, I posted in this forum on page 91 I think that I wish to be manually activated. Could someone pls do something?
  5. JustLikeYoyo

    JustLikeYoyo Space Hobo

    Like a lot of people here, I've been trying to send the email for a while now and it hasn't shown up yet. Please activate my account or send the email. Thank you.
  6. BKLP

    BKLP Space Hobo

    I cant activate my acuount because i dont get the email pls help
  7. BKLP

    BKLP Space Hobo

    I recive the confirmation email, but when i click the link gave me an erro that says "Your account could not be confirmed."
  8. Linkle005

    Linkle005 Space Hobo

    I can't seem to activate my account, I'm not receiving the email no matter how many times I resend it. And yes, I have double checked my email many times. Thank you!
  9. Miles From Earth

    Miles From Earth Intergalactic Tourist

    Woop woop, big surprise- I'm also not getting the confirmation email lol. Sorry if this is annoying, I'm trying to download mods. :(
  10. koper

    koper Intergalactic Tourist

    You should have it by tomorrow

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  11. Miles From Earth

    Miles From Earth Intergalactic Tourist

    Oh, I finally got the email! Thanks.
  12. imandycz

    imandycz Mop

  13. Abdullah Elrouby

    Abdullah Elrouby Space Hobo

    Please Send me the E-Mail
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  14. yuzuko16

    yuzuko16 Space Hobo

    I also tried resending for the confirmation but it's still not delivered in my account
  15. geulujiya

    geulujiya Space Hobo

    I got the email for activation but was greeted with an error on your site once I clicked it.
  16. It say error and i cant install any mob :(
  17. BigBootyBoi

    BigBootyBoi Space Hobo

    If having trouble receiving the mail here , can you help me ?
  18. Kloppy0765

    Kloppy0765 Space Hobo

    I can't Activate my Account because i don't get the Email.
    Please send me The Mail.
    THANK YOU :)
  19. thunder95

    thunder95 Space Hobo

    i didn't receive my confirmation i have been resending and resending my email but it does not show up in my mail i made sure several times that my email was spelled correctly
  20. elzzik

    elzzik Space Spelunker

    i dont get the email cant activate..

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