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    How do I delete this thread
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    This is not a suggestion. Hell, posts with a single word are themselves considered spam.
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    ...if I may...
    Maybe this could be a matter of NPC Quests? There could be an "Alpha" creature, much like the mini-bosses on various planets, that could be terrorizing people on the world. They could commission the player for help to kill it, and if it's bad enough, they could give it their own name, think of the creatures people talk about in legends;
    Moby Dick, one of the most famous spoken of, a white scarred whale that destroyed ships at sea.
    Mordu from Brave, a terrible bear killing everyone it came anywhere near
    The Basilisk was the name given to a terrible snake that, rumor spoke, could freeze a victim like stone just by looking at them

    There's plenty of unusually powerful creatures that rise above the rest and strike terror into those who are unused to such aberrations. There's also plenty of heroes that go after them.
    We could be among those heroes to try and rise, or fall in the face of the challenge...
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