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    Hello wonderful people of the interwebs, thank you for taking your time to read my post.
    First off, I am in love with Stardew Valley. It's everything I've wanted Harvest Moon to be. So much of this game is a wonderful surprise, and the updates are gladly welcome. I should state that I am still a noob, and only in my first Summer. One thing I've noticed and appreciate is the Arcade in the Saloon.

    I'm here to suggest some possible additions and modifications to the Arcade

    Journey of the Prairie King
    This game is really hard. I find that I'm constantly swarmed with enemies even with upgrades. Usually a good run relies more on luck than actual skill. This is a result of much hard work and testing, and has its moments of general fun. Some ways to add to this without simply "delete Fector's challenge" would be...

    1) Adding difficulty modes. Let's say the current game is Normal. adding an Easy mode and a Hard mode would make the game more enjoyable for all walks of gamer skill. Easy mode could reduce the number of enemies, and their health. While Hard Mode could do the opposite. Beating the game on Hard Mode could also benefit the player in the overworld in some way. Giving incentive to try an even harder version of the game.

    2) The ability to dig something up in the deep mines, or fish a rare treasure that has something like a secret note, The note has an input password (different for each game) that players can punch in at the start of this game like the arcade machines of old. This could give the player a brief advantage as a result of hard work in the overworld.

    3) 2-Player. I've heard rumors that Multiplayer is coming. Allowing for both players to play the gamecould also ease the difficulty.

    These changes would ideally add to the minigame, whilst allowing trophy hunters (guilty here) alleviation in this regard. I understand this is a touchy topic, so I've tried to create solutions that doesn't involve scrapping the entire no-death run concept.

    There is an existing pool table on the screen. I apologize if this already exists in the game (I'm still a newbie here), but I'd love to actually play a game of pool. Once again, I've heard rumors that Multiplayer is being implemented, and look forward to the idea of playing pool with friends. Some options for different playstyles include

    1) 8-Ball pool - your standard stripes vs. solids
    2) 9-Ball pool - Sink the balls according to number
    3) Triples - if Multiplayer allows for 3 people, than this
    4) Doubles - if Multiplayer is at 4 people
    5) Solo pool - This one is more math based
    6) Challenges - If you've ever played Pool in Yakuza 5, this. It's like puzzles

    This would not take up too much space in the Saloon, and fits in the style of the building. Players could even play solo with Darts.
    Typically, Darts is played getting to exactly 180, but variants include strike-out, and highest score.

    Junimo Kart
    I'm still too much a newbie in this game to have gotten the key to play this. So unfortunately I cannot comment on this.

    Claw Machine
    I'm hesitant to suggest this, as it might be a little too Chuck-e-Cheese for the Saloon. But simple claw game that distributes random things like seeds for farming, gifts for dates, geodes, etc.

    Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to add anything to this list, suggest other modifications, or if you just want to call me an idiot because I'm also hung up about a pointless trophy and can't enjoy the game for what it is because of my own perfectionism.

    P.S. Happy new year's!
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      I like this idea. The games are difficult, but still fun and interesting. I'd love to see more playable games. The claw machine would be interesting, maybe you could win rare plushies or seeds, but the most common thing would be normal seeds, ore, etc.

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