RELEASED Adventure Time hairstyles 4.2

Thirteen Adventure Time hairstyles

  1. Domo-Robo

    Domo-Robo Space Hobo

    I wish I could used this mod, but all I get when I try to run it is - "THIS IS NOT A COMPLIED CONTENT FILE"
    I've installed/renamed it correctly and it won't let me play the game till I delete the file and put the original hairstyles.xnb file back. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;w;
    • ADD_Booknerd

      ADD_Booknerd Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Is anyone working on updating this mod? I'm dying to try out the flame princess hair!
      • lfai1093

        lfai1093 Void-Bound Voyager

        These hairstyles are so good! Would it be possible for anyone to send me the .png file for these hairstyles? I can't seem to unpack the folder myself :/
        • cat9412

          cat9412 Big Damn Hero

          Hiya! I made two conversions for your beautiful mod!
          Heres Content Patcher and Get Glam compatible conversions!

          To get the correct colors on pre-colored hairs: set the 2nd color bar all the way left, and the 3rd bar all the way right, 1st bars position doesn't matter after that ^^

          I hope this is okay! And feel free to use it on your official pages if you would like, I would be honored <3

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          • SaikoLmao

            SaikoLmao Space Hobo

            what if you have both CP and Gg?

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