Suggestion AFK mode, changelog and automatic mutual pause

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Galaxyz, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Galaxyz

    Galaxyz Space Hobo

    Been enjoying multiplayer so far. Seems very well done but seems like there's a few systems missing.

    - AFK Mode
    People have to go off for a bit sometimes. Would be cool to have players be able to use /afk and it would place them in bed basically sleeping the whole time, so they're still in game but the other players who are still playing can go to bed whenever they want. I have to use some odd macro now.

    - Changelog
    After having gone AFK it would maybe be interesting to see what has gone past, what has been sold, what has been earned, etc. in the time you were gone. Not really that much of a necessity but would be interesting to see.

    - Automatic Mutual Pause
    When both players are in a menu/talking/managing inventory the game could (should) automatically pause. The pressure of time is way bigger when time is constantly continuing than when you're in SP and the time just pauses whenever you're in your inventory.

    Bonus: Separate wallet option. Big surprise, you probably haven't ever seen this suggested huh?
    Don't see why not, would make money management a bit easier. Perhaps a few modes? Either 50/50, 34/33/33 or 25/25/25/25 (depending on how many players you're playing with) splits from the money earned every night, every house has their own container where everyone can sell items separately or everyone gets the full profit (net money paid would be a lot higher but would make for quite fluent gameplay).
    • Noobfarm

      Noobfarm Space Hobo

      Automatic mutual pause seems interesting, but I wonder how much time it would save on daily basis
      • Galaxyz

        Galaxyz Space Hobo

        Obviously not as much as it does in singleplayer. But it can definitely be a good thing when playing with for example only one friend.
        • Noobfarm

          Noobfarm Space Hobo

          I feel like time in general should just go slower in multiplayer, not being able to catch a legendary fish cause it takes 1-2 ingame hours is really frustrating.

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