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    Good game ! I can't wait to play the complete game now ! Also I'd like to give some advice to improve the game.
    After playing demo on steam, I found several optimizable points:
    1. With game starts in the city scene, my computer begin screaming and the input has obvious delay.
    The game takes up to 990.4MB memory, and 97.5% GPU usage of my computer.
    It become better after I move ouside the city but still feels bad.
    So I wonder if the game renders all objects in the scene, both whithin the screen and ouside ?
    2. The mouse control is bad not only because the delay but also the aiming system.
    With using the screen position of mouse, the aiming point sometimes takes a long way to move near the character,
    especially when the character stands at one side of the screen and the mouse is on the other side.
    I think you can make the aiming point within a cirdle area that center on the character.
    When character moves the aiming point follows.
    Making the aiming point always near the character can give a more fluent fighting experience to player.
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      I definitely agree on the mouse control. It makes the game feel very sluggish and its a huge disconnect from how smooth and fluid the animations are.

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