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    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Hello forums. I have returned with another fan fiction. As always, its still a work in progress. Feel free to tell me what you think.

    All was silent. Beams of sunlight shone into the dusty, smoldering ruins that had once been a thriving safe haven. There weren't always ruins there, however; quite the opposite. Just two days before, piles of treasures and artifacts lined the ornately decorated halls. Priceless Avian banners and flags from fallen Glitch kingdoms hung down from the ceiling. In fact, the now destroyed bunker had been a home to several people. Further below ground, there was a small hospital, a few bedrooms, and a kitchen. Now, the once shiny marble floors were covered with scorch marks or were smashed to oblivion. Dozens of formerly invaluable trophies now lay in pieces, smashed on the ground. Behind a wrecked bookshelf, however, one thing remained intact: a sealed door. The door was covered with intricate carvings and inlaid with brilliant rubies. It wasn't particularly strong, but it remained untouched nonetheless. In the ear-popping silence, a small, muffled beep rang out every two seconds. From under the door came a faint glowing green light. Behind this door, something that looked extremely similar to a life support pod sat in the middle of the room. The only difference was the enormous mess of wires, servers, and screens hooked up to it... And the monster that lay dormant inside.

    Few people knew what had become of planet Delta Djior II, save for the Miniknog. The planet was home to one of the most notorious Apex rebels, Seth Mikov, who lived with his two faithful partners. He was a hero of the people. Children looked up to him. Even Dreadwing the pirate respected him.

    For a while, the Miniknog insisted that they had flown in, captured Seth, and flown away. But that was not the case.

    It had been an overcast day. Seth and his two comrades, Karen and Anthony, sat outside on a small patio eating breakfast. Karen had just made a sarcastic remark about how good Anthony's cooking was when Roy, a guard from a neighboring Avian town, came rushing up the hill towards them.

    Roy had been Seth's friend for a long time. They had met in a bar when Seth first arrived in the Delta Djior system. Roy let Seth stay with him until he began building the bunker. Upon the bunkers completion, Seth invited to live with him, however Roy politely declined, saying that he had to guard the town.

    "Hey, Roy. What's up?" Seth said amiably between mouthfuls of food.

    "We've just spotted several ships. I- I'm pretty sure they're Miniknog."

    Seth looked at him blankly. After a minute he repeated quietly, "The Miniknog?"

    Roy nodded grimly. "Yeah, and I don't think they're stopping here just to have brunch."

    "Well that's good, cause we just had breakfast, and I'm full!" Anthony joked. His laughter trailed off when he glanced around and saw everyone staring at him.

    "I mean... It wouldn't be... I don't know." He blushed and looked down.

    "How could they have found us here?" Karen asked, looking at Roy.

    "Besides the town, there's not much else in this star system. Why would they search here?"

    Roy shook his head. "I don't know. Maybe they don't know about you guys and are just looking to colonize or something. It could just be a coincidence."

    "Even if it is just a coincidence, they're bound to find us here. What're we gonna do? What about the bunker?" Seth said, standing up from the table.

    "What about our lives?" Replied Karen.

    "I have a ship. We can pack some stuff on there and take off. If we start packing now we might make it." Seth looked around the table, waiting for approval.

    "That's our best bet. Let's get moving," Anthony said. He stood up and walked back to the bunkers sleek door, tucked into the hillside.

    Seth turned to Roy. "Hey, listen. I... I think you should come with us. If you stay here, who knows what'll happen to you."

    Roy turned to look back at the town. Smoke rose from the chimney of the town's bakery, as well as several houses, giving it a cozy, welcoming appearance. Leonard sighed. "Alright. But before we go, I'm getting a sandwich from the bakery. This might be the last time I'll ever have one," he said. Seth chuckled. Little did they know that this was the last time Roy would see his beloved hometown. It would soon be obliterated, and he, just like everyone else, would be powerless to stop it.

    Seth walked to the small hangar they had built for his ship. It was a small ship, only big enough to accommodate a maximum of five people. Fortunately, Seth only needed to accommodate four.

    The hangar was built into the same hill as the bunker. It could hold up to two ships at a time. Now there was only one. As Seth opened the heavy steel door, two overhead lights switched on, shining down on a small ship. It looked similar to a large space shuttle, but it had a built-in FTL drive and was capable of travelling thousands of light-years.

    Seth had already stocked the ship locker with canned food, bottled water, and medical supplies far before the Miniknog's presence. Now, he was glad he had done so. He told everyone to pack a backpack. That would be their personal supplies. The ship locker supplies would be rationed out.

    Seth hoped they wouldn't have to stay in space for very long. He unlocked the ship's airlock and hopped inside. As he entered, fluorescent lights switched on overhead, illuminating the entire ship. His boots clanged against the metal floors as he walked to the cockpit.

    The door to the cockpit slid open, revealing a tiny room decked wall to wall with buttons, levers, and controls. On wall was dominated by a panel showing how much fuel the ship contained; Seth was glad to see that it was almost completely full. He sat down in a worn leather recliner and switched on the ship's controls.

    After performing several routine maintenance checks, Seth began searching for possible planets that he and his friends could hide out on. He found one seventy light years away; the Gamma Laaradia Threshold system. The planet he had found was a small, forested planet, completely surrounded by a dense asteroid field. It would take two days to get there undetected; the Miniknog would be able to track them on their radars if the activated their FTL drive.

    After bookmarking the planet as a possible destination, he decided he would pack his backpack. Roaming the cavernous halls of the bunker he had worked so hard to build, Seth gazed at all of the trophies he had accumulated over the years, priceless remnants of glorious adventures. He thought about what he should take. Finally, he found it.

    Seth's bedroom was quite organized. A desk and several elegant bookshelves lined one wall. On the opposite wall was his weapons collection. This was a glass case covering a velvet panel holding several sleek, polished swords, guns, daggers, and knives, illuminated by concealed overhead lights. Across from the door was a beautiful golden canopy bed Seth had stolen from a ruthless Glitch king who had killed more than ten thousand innocent Glitch Outcasts.

    Seth walked over to the weapon case. He gently placed his hand on a scanning device, which glowed a bright green color. A lock clicked, and the glass covering rose up above the velvet wall. Seth gingerly removed a golden pistol. It was the last thing he had to remember his father by; when Seth was just four years old, his father had given this to him for his birthday. Two days later, he was killed by the Miniknog.

    The pistol was a work of art. Made from pure gold extracted from the core of a gas giant, it was capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. The grip was encased in a durable yet elegant leather made from the skin of an Dragowhale, an incredibly dangerous species of monster known only to live on magma planets. Seth took a moment to admire this masterpiece of a weapon before holstering it on his belt.

    The second thing Seth took before closing the weapon case was a sleek, black dagger. Seth had stolen this from Vladikov Banakstan, an incredibly corrupt Miniknog general. This dagger was made from the bones of a fierce dragon, who was slain thousands of years ago. The dagger had then been shipped in melted impervium and left to solidify.

    As Seth closed up the weapon case, he heard a knock on the thick oak door to his room.

    "Come in," he said. The doorknob rattled as someone tries to open it.

    "Oops. Sorry." Seth walked over and unlocked it. He was greeted by Roy.

    "What's up?" Seth asked amiably, smiling. His smile faded when he saw Roy's expression; pure terror flashed across his face.

    Roy gulped. "They- They're here." He stepped to the side. Behind him stood a Miniknog officer in full armor holding a Durasteel knife in one hand and a plasma grenade in the other.

    Chapter 3

    Seth instinctively ducked and rolled towards his enemy. He grabbed Roy and pulled him to the ground. The Miniknog officer threw the grenade. It sailed over the two on the floor and hit the wall, sending a shower of dark stone bricks and dirt raining down. The officer shielded his face, and Seth rolled across the floor again, this time sweeping his foot out and pulling the officer's legs out from under him. Roy had staggered to his feet and grabbed a chair from Seth's desk, holding high above his head and throwing it at the fallen officer. Seth had grabbed a hammer from the weapons display case, which was now shattered, and threw it at the officer. And that's when things start going wrong.

    When Seth had first began construction on the bunker, he had taken care to excavate around an enormous subterranean lake. The walls had to be a certain thickness, and explosives were not permitted in rooms directly next to the lake. Liquid sensors on the floors triggered flood alarms, ensuring absolute safety. The whole system crumbled, however, when the plasma grenade exploded. Not only did it cause a flood, it broke the liquid sensors on the floor. Because of this, Seth and Roy didn't notice that they were standing in three inches of water until the pressure from the lake burst through the crumbling wall. Seth swore and ran, dragging Roy behind him. They closed the door behind them, but it splintered into billions of pieces. Water rushed down the hallway. Finally, they reached an impervium door.

    The two opened it and bolted through, sealing it behind them. Pausing to catch their breath, Seth spoke.

    "We have to warn the others," he panted, brushing some debris off of his shirt. Roy nodded in agreement, still catching his breath.

    "How long... How long will that door last?" He asked, still panting.

    "Pretty long. It's an impervium door. Those things can withstand almost anything."

    "That's good, I guess."

    Seth sighed.

    "Alright, come on. We have to go. Now."

    Roy looked back at the door and nodded.

    "That was the only Miniknog soldier who made it in. A scout. He grabbed me and demanded I take you to him. But there's more on the way."

    Seth looked at Roy, a grim expression on his face.

    "Then we'd better hurry."

    * * *

    When Seth found Karen, she was already packed and ready to go. Anthony had been harder to find. He had been taking a stroll through the bunker, taking it all in before they had to leave. The three found him in a cavernous dining hall, adorned with chandeliers, rich tapestries, and thousands of glowing candles. They ran towards him, their footsteps echoing on the marble floors.

    "What's up?" Anthony asked, oblivious to the horrible circumstances he was in.

    As they filled him in, he became increasingly shocked. "My bag's in my room. I'll go get it and meet you guys by the hangar." With that, Anthony sprinted off into the depths of the bunker. As he did so, the group heard a deafening crash. Dust rained from the ceiling. The ornate chandeliers swung violently. And a huge crack appeared on the wall opposite them. A huge crack the grew increasingly larger until it burst, and a flood of water came bearing down on Seth, Karen and Roy.

    The impending wall of water caused Seth's mind to jump into action. First, he thought about the closest exit; directly above the was a ventilation unit that snaked through the entire bunker. Grabbing Karen and Roy, he jumped into a table, grabbed a chandelier, and kicked through the flimsy air vent. Pulling himself up, Seth grabbed Karen's hand and hoisted her into the vent as well. He went to do the same thing for Roy, but as Seth grabbed his hand, the roaring water slammed into the Avian. Roy's screams were inaudible as the flood swept him away, slamming him into a wall and out into the hallway, out of sight.

    Seth and Karen sat in the vent, shocked, cold air blowing around their faces.

    "What... How did..." Seth was at a loss for words. He struggled, desperately wanting to believe that his friend had survived the flood and was going to meet them at the hangar. He looked down through the hole that Roy had been standing in just moments before. Seth took a deep, shaky breath, and turned to Karen.

    "Let's go."

    Karen nodded. They began crawling through the vents, making their way to Anthony's room.

    * * *

    Anthony's room was a mess. Or, as he put it, a chaotic form of organization. Regardless, it was a mess. Anthony had grabbed a bulging duffel bag and swung it over his shoulder, which knocked over a statue of an enormous frog.

    "Aw man," he muttered. "I liked that one."

    He stepped over a pile of clothing and opened the door to his room. But upon stepping into the hallway, he heard a rumbling. That's when the alarms began.

    All of the lights turned off, replaced by flashing red alarms. A horrible, wailing siren rang out through the entire bunker. Anthony knew what this meant. He ducked back into his room and slammed the door. At precisely that moment, Seth and Karen managed to knock out the vent covering and slide onto the floor.

    "The hell?!" Anthony shouted, surprised by his friend's sudden appearance and the disaster occurring outside.

    "We have to go!" shouted Karen. The rumbling had grown increasingly louder, meaning she had to shout in order to be heard. Anthony ran over to the others and helped boost Seth into the vents. He then hoisted up Karen, and finally he was helped up by Seth. Just as he swung his legs into the vent, his door exploded and water rushed in, obliterating everything. Except for maybe the frog statue.

    * * *

    Deep in one of the now destroyed treasure rooms of the bunker, submerged in at least four inches of water, Roy sat up, groaning. He was soaking wet, bruised all over his body, and bleeding out of his head. But he was alive. For now.

    Seth, Anthony and Karen crawled through the vents,fresh air blowing past them. After what seemed like an eternity, Seth finally announced that he thought they were nearing the surface. The other two believed it, for as they crawled up a gradual incline, the muffled booms and tremors grew increasingly violent. Finally, the three found themselves sitting underneath a ventilation cover that shed little lines of sunlight down on them.

    "The hangar entrance is just across this valley. We'll need to run across pretty quickly. I just need to scan my hand in and the door should open," Seth informed the other two.


    "Yeah, Anthony?"

    "How are we going to avoid getting shot or blown up while running through a field unarmed without shields or any sort of protection?"

    Seth thought about this for a second.

    "I have no freaking clue."

    * * *

    Seth kicked the flimsy vent covering off with his boot. Sunlight beamed down on the trio, and they had to shield their eyes from the brightness.

    "Alright. Who wants to go first?" Seth looked around inquiringly. He was met with blank stares. Sighing, he reluctantly spoke.

    "I'll do it."

    Standing up, Seth stretched his muscles, which were sore from crawling through the cramped vents. He pulled himself up to the edge. He emerged in a small clearing. The entrance to the hangar was across a field. Seth motioned for the others to join him in the surface. And then a nearby explosion sent him flying across the field.

    * * *

    Seth landed in a rather large bush. He stood and was relieved to find that he wasn't seriously injured. But looking up, his relief melted away. The sky was swarming with Miniknog ships. All of them were equipped with turrets, lasers, missiles, and a vast array of other weapons. Seth swore.

    Looking across the field, he saw that his friends were sprinting towards him. The made it across without incident, save for the fact that Anthony had forgotten to tie his shoes and tripped.

    The three climbed the hill to the hangar entrance. The entrance was actually below the hangar itself, meaning there was a flight of stairs leading up to the landing pad. Back when he was building the bunker, Seth had had a reason for this. Now, he had no idea why he'd done that.

    Seth placed the palm of his hand on the small glass screen. It scanned his hand for a moment before flashing green. A metal door that had been concealed by dirt slid open. The three walked inside.

    The stairwell was a narrow, concrete passageway with metal railings that led up into the landing pad. When the trio reached the top of the stairs, they were met with another locked door equipped with a hand scanner. Seth activated it. The door opened.

    A rush of cold air flooded onto Anthony, Seth and Karen. Seth walked to the ship.

    "Alright. I'm gonna get it started. Anthony, when the ship turns on, I need you to open the hangar doors. Got it?"

    "Yeah," replied Anthony, walking over to a small, glass control room. As he opened the iron door, a light switches on inside. He plopped down in an office chair and powered up the controls. Waiting for the ship to turn on, he thought of something.


    Anthony ran to the ship and clambered in.



    "Does this ship have a S.A.I.L?"

    "Of course. Why?"

    "I need a tech drive." Anthony ran to the ship locker and found one. He activated the S.A.I.L and inserted the tech drive into a small slot. He began furiously typing something in. After a few moments, a small, glowing blue disk popped out of the slot.

    "Anthony, what are you-"

    Before Seth could finish his sentence, Anything had hopped out of the spaceship and was running to a dark corner of the hangar where Seth kept all of the broken vehicles and various mechanical parts. Anthony climbed awkwardly over a pile of spare FTL drives and found what he was looking for.

    An old, orange mech sat amongst the machinery. Anthony climbed into it's control room and inserted the blue disk into another slot. The mech switched on.

    The mech was an old USCM battle mech. It had been used mainly in a fight against the Florans, but had been scrapped when a stronger, more powerful model had been invented. It was powered by energy reserves deep within the complicated mess of wiring, circuit boards and computers that allowed the mech to function properly. Two high-powered machine guns sat on either side and could be aimed by the driver using two joystick-like levers. The legs were controlled by the driver, who stuck their own legs into two slots and walked, ran, or jumped.

    As the mech chugged to life, two red lights switched on on either side of the cockpit window. These were just for decoration, yet they gave a rather ominous appearance in the dark corner of the hangar. Anthony inserted his legs into the slots and began crunching through the piles of mechanical parts. He steered the vehicle so that it was standing directly next to the cockpit of the ship. He looked at Seth and grinned. Seth had a bewildered look on his face.

    Seth turned to his keyboard and began typing. After a moment, a his voice filled the cockpit of the mech.

    “Can you hear me?” he asked Anthony, using the remote audio connection feature on his ship.

    Anthony yelled, “Yeah. Bet you didn’t know we had a mech!”

    “I didn’t. Where’d we get it?” Before Anthony could respond, however, Seth spoke once more.

    “Hold up. Karen’s opening the door. Get ready to run.”

    The enormous, bulletproof steel doors of the hangar rumbled open. Loose dirt and debris crumbled off of the hill. The mech ran into the sunlight, clanging on the ground. Seth’s voice came on again.

    “We have to get to the top of the hill. Wait a second though, cause I still need to get Karen in the ship.”

    “Roger that.” Anthony chuckled, despite the grim situation. He looked down on the field. It was unrecognizable. Bombs had torn away huge chunks of earth, and parts of the bunker were visible.

    Anthony was deep in thought when the ground started shaking. He looked up and saw that the sky was filled with even more ships. But something was off. One of the ships exploded. It fell from the sky, crashing down in a flaming mess. Another ship took it’s place. It was a dazzling golden color, and an enormous red crystal was built in to the engine.

    “Hey Seth,” Anthony called into the speakers.


    “Looks like the Avians aren’t flightless after all.”


    Anthony led the small ship over the hill, and the sky gradually was filled with more Avian ships. While the Avians were hopelessly outnumbered, they put up a good fight. Several more Miniknog ships were destroyed.

    “Alright. We just need to get to the other side of this valley to the launch pad,” came Seth’s voice through the speaker.

    “Couldn’t we have just launched it from anywhere?” Anthony asked.

    “Not really. This is the closest point to us that doesn’t have any satellites or other stuff in the atmosphere. We could launch it from anywhere, but the ship would probably be damaged.” Anthony nodded and worked the mech’s machine guns, taking out soldiers as they went. Finally they reached the base of the hill.

    “Alright,” yelled Seth. “We’re gonna have to make a run for it. Wait ‘till I say go.”

    “Roger that,” replied Anthony. Suddenly, a shell struck the ground in front of them, spraying dirt and bits of rock in all directions.
    “GO!” screamed Seth, whose voice was barely audible over the chaos ensuing outside. Anthony pushed the mech to full speed. Smoke seeped out from bullet holes and cracks in the mech’s armor, creeping to the sky like black snakes. They reached the launchpad and found themselves under heavy fire.

    “What do I do?!” cried Anthony, panicking.

    “Hold on. Karen, get the airlock ready. Anthony, you’re gonna have to run for it. Ok?”

    “Ok. I got this.”

    “Great. Wait a second… alright, now! Run!”

    Anthony popped open the mech’s hatch and ran for the ship. Just as Anthony hopped into the ship, an RPG hit the mech, causing it to fall forwards. Karen slammed the airlock shut. Outside, and explosive rocked the ship violently. Anthony and Karen were thrown to the ground. They got up, stumbling to the cockpit. The ship lurched forwards, beginning its ascent into the atmosphere.

    The three friends looked out of the cockpit window at the planet below. They watched as their home- the only home they’d ever really had- was crushed. Years of hopes, dreams, and memories were smashed and burnt to charred oblivion. Seth was shaking. He gripped the ship’s controls so hard, his hands felt numb. Karen put her arm around him, though she too was shaking. A tear rolled down her cheek. Anthony stood, arms at his sides, staring in despair at the ground below. He had an empty look in his eyes. He breathed shallowly. As the ship lifted off from the planet, rattled by a barrage of bullets, the three said goodbye to their home. They said goodbye to the small sliver of freedom they had constructed in this enormous universe of agony, cruelty, and hopelessness. As the planet jumped into FTL speed, the three said a mournful, silent goodbye to Delta Djior II.

    * * *

    Roy started walking, taking shaky steps down the rumbling corridor. He had no idea where to go or what to do when he got there, but in that moment, something in his brain clicked. Perhaps it was due to loss of blood, or perhaps he had just been thrown around too much in the flood, but whatever the cause may have been, something clicked. He looked around the crumbling room he was in- the vast, underground palace that he had been abandoned in- and swore that no matter what happened, he would find and kill the people who had left him to die; Karen, Anthony, and, most of all, Seth.

    * * *

    Karen and Anthony left Seth in the cockpit. Karen had pulled Anthony out, though he offered no resistance. He drifted to the ship’s interior, headed up some stairs, and went to his room. Karen sat on a large, fluffy grey couch. She sat up straight, displaying excellent posture, and folded her hands in her lap. She sat there for a long time and, just like everyone else on board, was overwhelmed by sadness and despair.

    * * *

    A horrible cloud of depression and pain had settled into the ship, as well as hundreds of bullets embedded into it’s exterior. One bullet, however, had struck a critical pipe in the FTL drive that transported fuel into the ship’s engines. This pipe was ruptured, and oil began seeping out into space. Also damaged in the trio’s escape was the ship’s automatic damage sensor, which alerted the driver of any serious damage inflicted on the ship. As the fuel seeped out, the FTL drive found that it had nothing to power itself with. The lights in the ship flickered, and the ship jerked out of the FTL warp. Unfortunately, the ships thrusters failed to activate and pilot the ship into a safe orbit, and the three friends soon found themselves plummeting down towards a scorched desert planet below.

    The alarm system kicked to life. The three Apex were snapped out of their depressed stupors and shoved into action. Karen bolted upstairs, clinging to the railing, and grabbed Anthony.

    “What’s going on?!” he yelled.

    “I don’t-”

    The ship lurched forwards and started spinning.

    “Crap,” Karen murmured. Getting downstairs would be impossible. The two were slammed against a wall. Anthony’s bed started sliding across the floor towards them. Just as it was about to hit them, the ship’s artificial gravity generator gave out, and the two floated up to the ceiling. The bed collided with the floor and ricocheted up, gently bouncing off of the other walls. Karen and Anthony pushed themselves out of the room and down the stairs. Here they were greeted by an eerie sight.

    All of the furniture was floating towards the rear of the ship, as if a giant magnet were pulling it backwards. The only furnishings not in the air were an impervium table, which was bolted to the ground, and the doors. The two Apex air-swam their way towards the cockpit door. It was a large, bronze door, which gave one the impression that something tremendously important lay behind it. And important stuff did lie behind it; the now-malfunctioning controls to the ship were about as important as it could get to the ship’s occupants.

    Karen and Anthony pushed open the door which, despite the non-existent gravity, still gave some resistance to being opened. The two floated inside.

    Seth looked relieved when he saw them. Floating about were various navigational instruments, pencils, a codex, a rubber-band ball, and a half-empty bottle of whiskey. The controls, which usually calmly blinked and flickered a wide variety of colors, screamed and flashed bright red. Sparks shot out from a small exposed wire on the ceiling.

    “We have to get out of here!” shouted Karen over the din of the alarms. Seth gazed helplessly at the controls for a few moments before reluctantly complying. He pushed himself out of the chair and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. The three entered the main cabin and were almost struck by a floating couch. The ship had begun spinning violently, and the three could hardly move around. All of a sudden, they bumped into the back wall of the ship. They realized that as they fell, normal gravity had begun to affect them, so it didn’t matter whether or not the ship generated it’s own. They were stuck against the wall of the ship and could barely move. Had one been at the other side of the ship, it would’ve appeared that the three Apex had been caught in an enormous glue trap, and were now awaiting their horrible fate with despair and grim acceptance. As the ship gained acceleration, the engine was slowly ripped apart, leaving pieces of twisted, charred metal drifting in space. As the engine was torn to shreds, so were other vital mechanical components of the ship, such as the canister that supplied the energy that powered the lights. The trio was plunged into darkness.

    The ship sped towards the surface. Though the three couldn’t hear it, their S.A.I.L informed them that they had two minutes until the ship collided with the ground.

    The furniture had also piled up in the back of the ship, and Seth, Karen and Anthony gradually blacked out.

    One by one, the ship’s systems failed, until it was basically a flaming piece of metal zooming towards the ground at high-speed. But the ship would not hit solid ground. Instead, either by an extraordinary coincidence or a miracle, if you believe in those sort of things, it would crash into one of the planet’s two dozen oases, which consisted of a small area of fertile land surrounding a deep pool of healing water. But, as the ship reached it’s point of impact at such a high speed, it plunged to the bottom of the lake, where the nose, cockpit, and part of the cabin were destroyed. The ship’s furniture, as well as its passengers, crashed to the ground. Freezing healing water poured through a gaping crack in the ship’s hull, filling the ship with water. This water was enough to knock Seth into a state of consciousness. At first he thought he was dead. He gasped for air, gulping down a mouthful of the sweet healing water and choking himself at the same time. The next thing that crossed his mind was how ironic it would be to drown in healing water. He glanced over at his friends. He grabbed both of their shirts and tried to swim up, which is hard without the use of arms. He managed to get to the fissure in the ship’s exterior and pressed through. Desperate for air, he used his last reserves of energy to swim to the top of the deep lake and burst onto the surface. He collapsed onto the shore, dropping his friends down next to him.

    Seth coughed. After a few moments, he finally began to put together what had happened. He shook Anthony. Anthony spluttered awake, also coughing up healing water.

    “Oh...god… what the... hell?” Anthony choked out between coughs.

    “My thoughts exactly,” Seth agreed as he attempted to wake Karen. The female Apex suddenly gasped, and Seth chuckled.

    “We survived,” he said blankly.

    “We survived,” agreed Anthony. The three friends chuckled as they sat there, on the shore of the oasis. Battered and bruised, though they were, and with both their clothes and spirits dampened, they had survived the impossible. The Miniknog had not killed them yet./SPOILER]

    The desert was a cruel place. It was an endless expanse of sand, rock, and cactuses. Here and there, one could find an oasis. These oases were frequently fought over by the six bands of nomads and savages that inhabited this planet. It just so happened that one of these groups spotted the crashing ship and were intrigued. These nomads were now heading towards the oasis where are three heroes were situated.

    By this time, the three Apex had recovered from the shock of the crash. Karen had suggested that they take turns diving and seeing if there was anything worth recovering from the ship. Anthony and Seth had agreed that this was the most sensible thing to do.

    Seth went first. The ship looked worse than before. Sand had settled on almost every surface, giving it the appearance of an ancient ruin rather than a recent crash. Regardless, Seth quickly remembered something worth taking up.

    He swam into the living room. The overturned blue sofa sat against one wall, unscathed save for water damage. Seth pulled it up and lugged it to the surface.

    “Aw yeah. Nice choice, man,” came Anthony’s voice as Seth pulled the couch onto the surface. Seth gave him a thumbs up, trying to catch his breath.

    “Are you kidding me? I said to get things worth recovering, not… couches,” Karen scolded.

    “Couches are worth recovering,” Seth said, plopping down onto the worn, fluffy sofa. In the heat of the desert sun, both Seth and the couch were drying fairly quickly.

    Karen dove next, while Seth and Anthony dragged the couch do that it was facing the sparkling lake of the oasis. It seemed to them that she was down the for an awfully long time, but finally she broke through the surface, gasping for breath. Under one arm she cradled a sleek, jet black console. In the other hand she was clutching a fisful of packaged food. When she reached the shore, she emptied her pockets and her bag, dumping out various canned fruits and vegetables, bottles of water, and a few dozen nanowrap bandages. She placed the impervium console on the couch, along with all of the other supplies, and started speaking.

    “This is what I meant by stuff worth taking. We’re actually pretty lucky. Most of the food was in sealed packaging, so it wasn’t ruined by the water. And this console… Well, I don’t know what it is, but it’s worth taking a look at, right?”

    Anthony shrugged. “I guess. But I still hold my opinion that couches are important.”

    Seth nodded in agreement. “Where else would we sit?”

    Karen rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Anthony, it’s your turn.” Anthony reluctantly stood from his seat on the couch.

    “Alright. See you guys later,” he said, jumping into the water. After a while, he resurfaced. He carried a few food packets and a three plasma rifles. He dumped the food on the couch and handed the weapons to the others.

    “Nice. Where’d you find these?” Seth asked, testing out his plasma rifle.

    “Scattered around the ship. The ship locker kinda exploded.”

    “Heh. Man, looks like it’s getting dark out.”

    “Yeah. Hey, Karen,” called Anthony. Karen looked up from what she was doing.


    “What’re you doing?”

    “Trying to dry our stuff. All of the food got soaked, but it’s hot enough out that it’ll dry pretty quickly.”

    “Ah.” Anthony turned to Seth. “So… now what?”

    Seth paused for a moment. “Help me get some of these dry leaves and reeds. We might be able to build a fire.”


    While the three Apex worked, the band of nomads was closing the distance. If they continued at this pace, they would be there by nightfall.


    “YES! I got fire! I got it!” Anthony shouted, rapidly fanning the tiny flame he had made.

    “Nice, man. Now we just gotta keep it going,” Seth said.

    “Nah, that shouldn’t be hard. I’m the Fire Master now.”

    Karen chuckled from the couch.

    “Fire master, huh?” she said mockingly as the fire slowly burned itself out.

    “Dammit,” Anthony muttered, stepping back from the charred pile of reeds he had been working with.

    “Heh. I guess the Fire Master has been dethroned,” said Seth, who now had a steady flame going.

    “Ah, shut up. I had mine before you.”

    They continued on like this until Karen piped up.

    “Some of this food is dry. We should ration it, so we’ll each get one packet each.” Karen passed the others each a packet, then opened up hers. The others did the same.

    “Ugh. Be careful, the labels got washed off on the packages. I thought this was lasagna, but it’s actually meatloaf,” Anthony said with disgust.

    “I got salt salad,” groaned Seth, who was not fond of Hylotl cuisine.

    “I think I got pearlpea pancakes,” Karen said, shrugging.

    “Huh. Better than meatloaf,” complained Anthony.

    “What do you mean, ‘better?’ Pearlpea pancakes are awful,” said Seth, munching on the salad hungrily.

    “Have you ever had meatloaf?” questioned Anthony.


    “Didn’t think so.”

    Upon the completion of their meal, the sky had faded to an inky blackness studded with bright stars that glistened like jewels in the dark soup of the cosmos. The three gazed up for a while, wondering which one was their home star system. None could find it.

    “Well, I think we should get some sleep,” Seth announced, yawning.

    “DIbs on the couch,” yelled Anthony.

    “Such a gentleman, letting the lady sleep on the ground,” Karen said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

    “Hey, you know the rules. I called dibs on it,” Anthony said, shrugging and flopping onto the couch.

    “The least you could do is sit upright so two of us can sit on it,” she replied.


    The two sat on the couch, adjusting themselves and trying to get comfy.

    “Thanks for saving me a seat,” Seth said, chuckling. He lay on the ground and leaned his head against the side of the couch. The three went to sleep almost immediately, exhausted from the long, long day they’d had.

    * * *

    As the three slept soundly, the nomads finally found the oasis. They were surprised by what they found.

    A blue couch sat next to a deep pool of healing water, which glowed faintly in the night. Three Apex- two on the couch, one sleeping on the ground- were in a deep sleep. The leader of these nomads, who sat on a throne made of palm leaves, wood, and ornate pillows, chuckled. She then ordered that the three be captured and brought with them.

    “Don’t bother tying their hands. Just throw ‘em in the cage,” she said. The group of nomads- an assortment of muscular Florans, Apex, Humans and Avians- eagerly obeyed. They were not about to get on their leader’s bad side.

    Kyra had, like most Florans, come from a tribal background; but unlike many of her fellow plant-people, she had managed to overcome. One day, when she was just ten years old, a human ship landed on their planet. The Florans ravaged it, taking everything edible- including the Humans- and returned to the village. Kyra stayed behind. Fascinated by the strange technology, she studied it. Every day for three years, she returned until she was fluent in their language (English) and could read, write, do math, and use most of the technology on the ship. She returned to the village one day wearing Human armor; a combination of the Outrider pants and shirt, and the Scouter’s visor. After demonstrating the wonders of a hologram-console to her tribe, Kyra quickly rose in status, eventually becoming the tribe’s Wiseman, a title until then reserved for men. Being very ambitious, Kyra and several other of her tribe mates attempted to build a spaceship. They got very close, but they didn’t have one key component: Erchius Crystals. As a result, the ship crashed midway through their flight.

    All but Kyra died.

    Alone with no money on a strange new planet, Kyra wandered for two days before she found a thriving, extremely advanced city. Here, she worked hard to get enough money to afford basic necessities; food, water, clothing, better equipment, and an apartment. She trained everyday at an Avian boot-camp/training facility, honing her weapon skills and learning how to use the extremely advanced technology the city had to offer. She learned quickly and became a talented fighter.

    Kyra soon found that she needed more money to support herself. She decided that her skills in combat would be perfect for bounty hunting. After about a month, she had already received and completed three jobs.

    Then the Miniknog noticed her.

    They decided that her primitive upbringing had left just enough barbarity in her to suit their needs. Combine that with her excellent fighting skills, and you have a perfect killing machine.

    It didn’t take much to convince Kyra that she should join the Miniknog. They offered her free food, a nice house, extremely powerful and advanced gear, and as much training as she wanted.

    All went well for nearly eight months. She hunted down and killed almost 350 enemies of the Miniknog. Then she got assigned the task of killing Seth Mikov.

    It started out like any other mission. Seth was a dangerous rebel militant, and Kyra had to kill him. But after a week, she realized that it was taking to long.

    Seth knew he was being followed. He constantly moved from one place to the next, always one step ahead. This went on for a while, but both Kyra and Seth knew that he couldn’t run forever. Finally, the inevitable confrontation occurred.

    In the middle of the night, Seth was enjoying a drink on the garden terrace of one of his associates mansions. He had been expecting that Kyra would find him soon, and had deliberately exposed himself to her. He knew that he could either fight her or spend the rest of his life on the run.

    Kyra leapt out from the thick foliage on top of a tree. She removed a large dagger from beneath a dark cloak with impervium fibers woven into it, smiling wickedly at Seth.

    “Hello, Seth.”

    “Hello. I don’t believe I’ve met you before,” Seth said coolly, placing his drink on a railing and turning to face the newcomer.

    “Ah, but somehow, you knew we would meet.”

    “That I did indeed.” At that moment, a grenade was thrown from a fourth floor window. Seth merely looked at it, walked to the railing, and jumped over the edge.

    Kyra was however, fast as well, and quickly leapt behind a large oak tree, wrapping her cloak around herself to offer some protection from the explosion. Though her ears were ringing, she quickly followed her target over the edge.

    Seth had been expecting this. Should his attacker survive the explosion, he would move on to Plan B. If that failed, Plan C. And if that failed… well, it couldn’t fail.

    Plan B was simple. Lead his pursuer to a waiting ship nearby , where the S.A.I.L was programmed to crash on another planet. By the time he reached the ship and activated the procedure- he gave himself five minutes before the ship would take off- Kyra was right behind him. They fought sedulously, both dealing blows of equal force to the other. In the end, however, Seth managed to knock Kyra out using the door to the ship's cockpit. Though she was only unconscious for a minute, she was down long enough for the ship to take off.

    Kyra was good at thinking fast. She quickly ran to the cockpit and started messing with the controls. She had about fifteen minutes before the ship was supposed to land, and she planned to use that time down to the last second.

    By the time the ship had reached it’s destination, Kyra had managed to hack the firewall for the ship’s landing mechanism, which was fairly easy. She was pretty sure that Seth had made it easy intentionally, as from what she could gather he didn’t seem like the kind of person to kill people in cold blood.

    Either that or it was just sloppy craftsmanship on the programmer's part.

    As the ship pulled into the atmosphere, Kyra saw that the ship locker was fairly well stocked, but a quick scan of the ship’s system showed that the engine was completely dead. Another scan of the planet revealed that it was a fairly barren wasteland inhabited only by vicious tribes of cannibals.

    Perhaps Seth wasn’t as merciful as she had thought.

    It took two days for the nomads to find Kyra. When they did, they surrounded her with spears and led her to their camp. There, she saw that they had prepared a bonfire filled with bones, skulls, and other tattered debris. It was here that she managed to take control of the nomads.

    The tribe’s leader stepped out of some sort of covered wagon. The nomads didn’t see Kyra as a threat, so they had left her hands untied. As the leader approached her, brandishing a large machete, Kyra jumped into action.

    From beneath her cloak, she pulled out a large plasma pistol. She aimed at the tribe leader’s chest and fired. It disintegrated his ribcage, melted a hole in his right lung, and killed him in about two seconds.

    Kyra turned to the other nomads, who watched in stunned silence. Some stared in horror at their dead leader. Some started openly weeping.

    And then something amazing happened.

    The ruthless nomads knelt to the ground and began worshipping Kyra.

    Despite the harrowing events that had recently transpired, Roy's feathers had maintained their pristine white coloring. All of his feathers, however, except the ones on his head; those were stained with the deep crimson hue of blood.

    But Roy's mind was elsewhere as he staggered through the now destroyed bunker. The dripping sound of water descending from the ceiling would normally have annoyed him to a great extent, but today it was a friendly reminder that after everything that had happened, he hadn't gone deaf.

    Of course, as the Avian stumbled his way through the damp, ruined passages, he found it hard to appreciate his above-average state of health. He had no broken bones, but his right leg felt as if it had been trampled on like a herd of zebras and his head was bleeding. Twice he had attempted to stem the flow of blood, and both times he was unsuccessful; he had no idea where he was bleeding. Somewhere near his temple. He had read somewhere that a blow to the temple can off be fatal. “How ironic,” he said allowed, his voice bouncing and echoing off of the cavernous walls. “I escaped death from the temple of Kluex only to be killed by my own temple.”

    But Roy was a warrior, and he wasn't about to give up. He was determined to escape the ruinous labyrinth he was trapped in and find his home. And revenge.

    Looking around, he figured that he was in one of the deeper areas of the bunker; there were more valuables and there was less destruction. The top floors had been bombed, whereas his location was merely destroyed from the flood (as well as the tremors that the bombs had caused).

    As Roy made his way upwards, he was shocked at the devastation that had been caused.

    “They deserved worse,” he told himself. “They should've been killed.”

    But what if they were killed? Questioned a voice in his head.

    “They made it out,” he growled. “I know they did.”

    Roy dragged himself up a lengthy fight of stairs, only to find a large hall filled with debris. As he picked his way through the broken glass and splintered wood, he saw that the room had once been a library, though now the once towering oak bookshelves lay toppled on the floor like fallen trees.

    As Roy worked through the wreckage, he glimpsed something shiny out of the corner of his eye. Moving cautiously around an enormous stone fireplace whose stones had come loose and were falling to the ground, Roy finally reached the shiny object.

    It wasn't actually an object, but rather the corner of an intricately carved door inlaid with precious gems. Roy grunted as he pulled aside the smashed bookshelf blocking the door. He pulled on the doorknob, which was made of solid gold. It was locked.

    Roy looked around, and his gaze fell upon one of the fallen stones from the fireplace. He picked it up, testing its weight. With a grunt and a sharp pain in his shoulder, Roy heaved the stone forward. It connected with the door, and the sound of splintering wood and rubies hitting the carpeted floor pierced the silence. Roy brushed aside some of the wooden splinters from the door with a feathered hand. He peered inside, and his eyes widened.

    * * *

    Seth woke up confused. He was still leaning against the couch, and Anthony and Karen were still sleeping soundly on the squishy blue cushions, but they were in a cart. No, not a cart- a cage. The cage was being pulled by a pair of enormous, hairy creatures with large, cracked horns jutting from their skulls. Ahead of them, another pair of horn-creatures pulled a larger cart. On it sat what appeared to be several men and women dressed in leather rags with animal skull helmets and various weapons (though these weren't more advanced than simple bows and arrows). They sat around an enormous chair made of palm wood and woven palm leaves and piled high with all sorts of exotic looking cushions and pillows. On it sat a lone figure who was dressed in considerably nice and more advanced armor and whose head was adorned with a jeweled crown. Seth noticed that this figure was a Floran, and that she was a female. He squinted but couldn't make out any details other than that she was asleep.

    Seth turned around to see Anthony stretching and yawning. “What's good, Seth?”

    Under normal circumstances, Seth would've made a remark about Anthony's use of the phrase, “what’s good,” but these were not normal circumstances.

    “Ssshh. Keep your voice down.”

    Anthony blinked, rubbing his eyes and frowning. “What…” His eyes widened as he took in the scene around him.

    “Wake Karen up. Quietly,” Seth instructed.

    “Yes, sir.”

    As Anthony woke their sleeping comrade, Seth slumped against the sturdy wooden bars of the cage. The Floran he had seen earlier reminded him of someone. He ransacked the deepest, darkest chasms of his hippocampus until suddenly, the realization kicked him in the chest.

    At that same moment, a shadow fell over Seth. He heard a melodic female voice chuckling from behind him. He whirled around, and his fears were confirmed.

    “Well hello there, Seth," Kyra said. "It's about time you paid your old friend a visit."

    “Kyra? I thought I-”

    “Killed me? Ah, Seth, you may have outsmarted me, but you didn't kill me. In fact, you basically gave me a new life!” Kyra laughed.

    “What… How?” Seth wondered out loud.

    “Well, it happened like this. After you sent that ship on a collision course towards this planet, I was able to make a relatively safe landing, which impressed these nomads here-” she pointed at the men and women working all around her- “which led them to make me their queen.”

    “So basically all Seth did was help to inflate your bloated ego?” Anthony questioned, causing Seth to elbow him.

    Kyra ignored the interruption and continued.

    “Do you know what the best feeling in the world is, Seth?”

    Seth raised one of his eyebrows.

    “Power. The sensation of being in complete control. No opposition, no rivals… Just an entire planet at your disposal and a rapidly growing population of loyal slaves. That has been my experience on this planet, Seth. You thought you were destroying me, but you ended up creating me. Giving me a new life. One where I am the queen…” She trailed off as the caravan passed over a large sand dune.

    “And this is my kingdom.”

    A huge, sprawling village spread out before them. It covered the entire valley like a thick moss, dotted here and there with large buildings and markets.

    But in the center of it all was an amazing sight: a glistening marble temple, at the top of which stood a statue of Kyra herself.

    “Like I said before: your ego…”

    “Quiet! Once you see what I have planned for you, you won’t be so quick to talk.”

    “What do you have planned for us?” asked Karen, who had remained quiet this whole time.

    “Just wait,” Kyra growled.

    * * *

    As the caravan made its way through the village, Seth noted the countless barbaric civilians emerging from their houses and following the cage. This slightly concerned Seth, as almost all of them were armed with primitive weapons.

    The procession moved on, and it soon became clear to the three caged Apex where their destination was.

    In front of them loomed an enormous coliseum. The nomads who has be following them disappeared through side doors, and the caravan split up. Kyra’s throne of pillows went one way, while the cage went the other.

    “I'll see you folks in the stadium. I made sure you got good seats, since you're the honored guests.”

    Kyra's chuckles echoed off of the cavernous stone walls that made up the entryway to the coliseum.

    “You guys think we're gonna be fighting someone?” questioned Anthony, whose voice seemed to be strangely calm.

    “Yeah. But the question is, what are we fighting?” Karen responded.

    “And what are we fighting them with?” Asked Seth.

    As the cage entered the arena, the three were met with a surreal sight. Thousands of barbarians filled the stands, cheering and screaming. Across the battlefield, which was the length of three football fields, stood a large, bipedial creature. It had a shell like that of a turtle, but the rest of its body was covered in thick fur. the three caged Apex noticed a growing crowd of nomads following the procession. Their progress slowed somewhat as Kyra bathed in glory, but it was becoming increasingly apparent where they were headed.

    An enormous arena loomed before them, resembling a warped, slightly-modernized Roman coliseum.

    The three stared up at it, oblivious to the stream of nomads now pouring into the structure. The caravan now broke off, with Kyra’s cart heading one way and Seth, Anthony, and Karen’s going the other.

    “I’ll see you guys on the inside. I made sure to give you extra good seats, seeing as you’re the guests of honor.” Kyra’s giggles trailed off into the distance as she was carried into the stadium through an arch. The cage also entered through an arch, however they emerged into a much different scene.

    Inside the stadium was like a dungeon. Torches lined the walls, which were made from thick slabs of stone. Tattered suits of armor and makeshift weapons reflected the flickering light of the fire eerily.

    As the cage moved through the arena's interior, a guard walked up next to them carrying three different weapons: a machete, a sword, and a spear. He placed them in the cage and walked away, wordlessly.

    “One for each of us,” Karen remarked, taking the spear.

    “Yeah. Guess we're all gonna be fighting,” Seth replied, lifting the sword.

    “Guys… What if she makes us fight each other?”

    Seth and Karen looked at Anthony, who was fiddling around with the machete.

    “I… That never even occurred to me,” Seth said quietly.

    The cage came to a halt in front of a giant, wooden gate. It looked like a primitive garage door, only it operated on a pulley system. Two nomads pulled down on ropes and lifted it up.

    The three Apex were momentarily blinded by the light when the gate opened. When they regained their vision, however, they were awestruck. The arena was the size of a football field, only the floor was constructed from some sort of smooth sandstone. The stands were packed with hundreds and hundreds of nomads, possibly the entire population. All of them were cheering, stomping the feet, and yelling, which produces deafening roar. Kyra was easily spotted above the crowd; she sat on an elevated throne made of a shiny metallic material, with guards on either side of her.

    But it wasn't the immense size of the stadium or the number of people in the stands that stunned the three Apex. What they were really shocked by was the enormous, hulking beast growling at them from the opposite end of the field.

    The front of the cage collapsed, and Seth, Karen, and Anthony were shoved into the arena.
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