AI seems to value ballistas to much

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by banty, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. banty

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    While playing Arcade and Custom Content I have noticed that the AI builds ballistas pretty often even on maps when there are no airports/flying units. This frequently occurred in arcade mode in the "Hard" difficulty which gave me an opening to win. (idk if arcade difficulty just affects the amount of $ the AI has or also unit selection).

    I can maybe see certain instances where its worth building a ballista when you can not afford the Trebuchet and need a long range immediately. But overall a knight, archer, or treb seem like way better value when there are no airports on the map.

    Am I missing some Ballista trick or should the AI value units differently?
    • Jim Witness

      Jim Witness Subatomic Cosmonaut

      The A.I. doesn't "think" like a human does, meaning they like having a well-diverse set of units to deal with any situation, even those that won't exist on the current map, rather than taking into account the production buildings that are available on the map.
      The difficulty in arcade only affects the amount of income the CPU gets on it's turn. It doesn't at all affect the AI's decision process.

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