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    This is Chachalaca a fat avian and a criminal, he is the head of a large black market operation in some rogue desert planet selling various types of alien wildlife. He is also believe to be the main supplier of war beasts to hostile alien factions terrorizing outposts and settlements in other planets. He is an elusive one, only sending his emissaries to do his biddings. He is believe by some as a master Tamer of beasts. His inability to fight makeup for his ability to tame and command beasts. At his side a beast called Eapsalla(Eyapsalla) guarding him.

    How the Boss battle will Look like

    1.When this boss fight Commences it will look like this.The environment is somewhat like in an underground place were the creatures he sells are imprisoned and the player is like in a arena type of setting where Chachalaca is seated above overlooking the player watching him and conversing with the player then he sends out his guard beast the Eapsalla to fight the player. During the fight Chachalaca will try and throw frenzy potions at the player that when hit it damages and applies frenzy on the player which makes the Eapsalla Enraged increasing its movement speed,attack speed and damage. Once the Eapsalla is defeated Chachalaca will come down and surrender.


    Attack Mechanics
    1.Throws Frenzy Potions



    Attacks Mechanics of Eapsalla

    1.Claw Swipe attack
    2.After charging for a short time, Lunges forward and bites the player. (Player needs Jump boost Tech to avoid this)
    3.Tail Swipe a longer range melee attack
    4.Frenzied mode
    5.Can Sometimes Block Projectile Attacks because of his special type of skin.
    6.Hitting certain parts of his body with melee weapons will create a fire spark that can damage the player.

    The Desert Planet

    (Concept Arts not mine)
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