Mob Alien colonies/factions that grow and advance!

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If you found an Alien Colony, would you...

  1. Befriend it! :D

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  2. DESTROY IT! >:D

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  1. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    I'm kind of torn on how to write this, as they're kind of NPC-ish, as you can befriend them, but Mob-ish because if you become enemies with the faction, members of it will attack you.

    Essentially, my idea is that there are aliens. (No, really, Zobmie?)

    When you arrive on a world, they may already be there, having settled here long before yourself, or arrive randomly some time. They are the last of their kind, and they are trying to survive and build, just like you. They slowly build small huts and have weak weapons, but begin increasing in number, strength, complexity of buildings, and intelligence over time, eventually becoming a city that will slowly extend its borders!

    They are a rare sort. You may never see a trace of them a very long time in your game world(s). There could be a point where after several hours of playing the game, you land on a world only to discover it is completely controlled by another faction. (Or maybe even 2 different warring factions, that allow you to side with one or the other.)

    You can interact with this faction in 2 ways. You can befriend them or betray them. Different races for these aliens could be more prone to attack you on sight before you befriend them, some will be peaceful and easy to ally with.

    Befriending gives you perks like buying exclusive content only available from them (Certain weapons/abilities/etc). They will trade with you, buy or sell things, and you can gain better and better things from them over time as they themselves build, survive, thrive, and advance. Maybe later on, some types of these races could end up believing that they outnumber/overpower you, they can take you on, and turn hostile against you, beginning to send forces to destroy you and remove you from THEIR planet.

    You could also betray the (maybe not so-) friendly people, and cause them to see you as an enemy. You would be able to wage a destructive war on their people, seize everything they own, wiping them off the face of the planet and conquering the ruins, keeping them for yourself, showing as a ward to any who dare try to settle here again.

    Initial Hostility: Random
    What They Can Give You: Random
    Size of Colony: Random
    Strength of Colony: Random
    Intelligence of Colony: Random
    Chance to turn on you: Random

    I understand that this would be difficult to implement. This is simply what I thought of. How amazing would this be in a game! :O

    This aspect wouldn't be a major part of the game, just another feature. It doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds, it could be more complicated. This idea is malleable. The summary of it is:

    (Rare Occurrence.) A Colony on a world. May or may not be friendly. Will (very) slowly become a bigger threat. Can be made friends with, can be attacked and destroyed.

    (I apologize if I didn't make sense or didn't explain something well, just ask. >_<)

    If you liked this suggestion, give me a vote up here:
    And if you want to see another suggestion by me, take a look over here, this is about weather, and it REALLY needs to be implemented! xD
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  3. Twig Arcane Empires

    Twig Arcane Empires Sandwich Man

    That blue writing makes the white look yellow! It's a great idea, upvote!
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  4. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    Thank you! ^_^
  5. zanthal

    zanthal Existential Complex

    This could give the game more of an RPG element, and also give modders a framework to make their servers more unique.

    Very cool, I hope the devs give it real consideration.
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  6. SirRed_rebel

    SirRed_rebel Void-Bound Voyager

    sup zobmie. gawd those school announcements during the second class are annoying, which is when I typed out this message. BTW now that iv read this I thumbs it up (like). Also run from the fire ball =:fireball: =:eek:.
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  7. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    Yeah, I felt like my ears were going to burst. x_x
  8. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Despite the text colouring, I guess this is OK.
  9. Kirby64

    Kirby64 Space Kumquat

    I guess. This sounds similar to a suggestion I made back in 2012...
    Needless to say, this is more detailed. This is good.
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  10. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    Text coloring makes it look better. >:3
  11. Wyvern

    Wyvern Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    If by "better" you mean "blinding", then absolutely.
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  12. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    It's not like I use bright, contrasting neon colors for the body of text. :p

    White on black is more blinding than purple on black.
  13. jintoya

    jintoya Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i like the idea, i dont know how far id go into faction progression, im more of a lone wolf myself. just me and the wind at my back *epic pose* unless im in space...theres no wind in space

    has anyone else noticed the rise in school related posts as of late or is it just me?
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  14. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    Thanks for the opinion, and yeah, that's why you have a chance to destroy them if you don't trust them or don't want to side with em'. :D

    Also, I like how your write. >:3
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  15. jintoya

    jintoya Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    my posts are usually longer and i try to bring something to the table whenever i visit so here it is (was half asleep last night so i didn't type allot, i usually type allot)
    • if the chance to turn hostile is random then by the law of averages you will never have any ally no matter their starting affection level with you, i think this should be set to more of a "chance to go hostile if youve done things like attack civilians, steal, dont help the guards if trouble is afoot etc." this ensures you dont feel punished for your hard work to keep relations good with a faction
    • if you sully your good name with a faction by committing one or more of the afore-mentioed crimes, you should be able to make them like you again. buy/sell items in shop makes for good economy, defending them from monsters that get too near civilians, donations of cash would make them like you (must put a cap on this or you just "buy your in" to a faction and dont work for it) things like that
    • war. simply put, what if you killed the opposing faction and became their war hero, maybe before you even meet a faction they love you for killing off the jerk-wads at the other end of the mountains, lake, canyon etc.
    • become the leader of the faction and lead them to WAR! this sounds awesome but before you know it this is an RTS game and not a building/surviving game. as much as i love Starcraft Warcraft and Supreme Commander, if i wanted to play them... well id go play THEM, not Terraria or Starbound. we should make sure to keep them kinda separate and im ok with a lame excuse in-game to keep the leader of their faction NOT ME.
    • faction VS faction? maybe you can form a faction all your own in a PVP setting and attack other factions, destroy their crap and loot it? this might lead to some epic might also be lame as hell (1 team of like 20 dudes with rocket launchers VS 1 team who ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY) so assuming there is an anti troll button somewhere then it might be ok.
    and thank you for liking my writing, i try to catch most of my typing errors and toss in a little humor when i can, breaks up the monotony of forum reading, unless its all goofy and bonkers in a forum, then i dont bother.
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  16. SeeJay

    SeeJay Tentacle Wrangler

    Sounds like a really awesome idea. Upvoted!
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  17. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    When I meant the chance to turn on you was random, I meant it wasn't on a scale, I meant that some factions would turn on you more quickly if you attack their civilians, some would tolerate it a bit more.

    Also, all the stuff you mentioned I have above already, so I agree with you entirely! xD
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  18. Louka Menard

    Louka Menard Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Sorry for bumping, or whatever i did to bring this thread up to front page, but this is necessary to have in the game.

    I am in favor of this present suggestion, and I'm hoping the developers will consider this suggestion.
    No offense intended, no copyright infringement either, or something anyelse that may hurt your, your brain, the devs, the mods or the internet itself.
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  19. Cathriana

    Cathriana Phantasmal Quasar

    As much as I like this idea, I think it should escalate with how many planets you have been to and your level, that's about it.

    This is also depended on what they sell and give..

    Easier system.
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  20. ZobmieRules

    ZobmieRules Big Damn Hero

    Great idea. Thanks, I didn't think of that when I made this. :DD

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