NPC Allow Relocator to Work on Followers

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by mikeloeven, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Quest NPC's and followers should never EVER die from environmental hazards but the AI is too basic to even allow for detection and avoidance of something like lava. There exists a planet in my game that has a glitch dungeon where most of the quests to recover a lost NPC generate. Not once have I been able to complete one of these missions due to a poorly positioned lava pool that results in a 100% fatality rate for any npc follower. Preempting the trolls I will say that yes I could drain or neutralize the lave with water but really I shouldn't have to because there is a clear path across it that a decently competent AI should have no problem navigating. The simple fact remains that followers walking into lava has been a problem from day one and yet nothing has been done to fix this fatal game defect. I propose allowing the player to use the re-locator tool on followers this way crew members or quest npc's can be safely transported across area hazards or through dangerous areas that their horribly basic AI simply cannot navigate. Additionally I do not understand why missions followers once found cannot be recovered by beaming up and than back down to a flag beacon in the town where you got the mission (Derp?).

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