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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by darkrown, Oct 7, 2016.

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    I've been thinking how cool it'd be if after completing the Community Center bundles one way or the other, you'd get some extra plot and upgrades depending on who you decided to side with, so I did these two quick concept sketches for funsies.

    Bring offerings to the Junimo Goddess and she'll bless your crops with amazing quality. Her Junimos will also work super hard on your farm and help lots.

    Bring samples to Demetrius and the newly returned Professor Linus (who everyone thought disappeared, while he was hiding in a tent in a remote village) and they'll develop new seeds and strains of Speed-Gro to help you mass-produce quicker and better.

    Maybe the upgrades would also affect other things like mining and fishing. Chance for better fish or easier catches, more ore, moving between floors quicker etc.

    Would also be cool if the townspeople would react to what you're doing. Help Joja and they get more funding > open more stores in Stardew Valley and Pierre goes out of business. Side with the Junimos and they'll start appearing around town as well, scaring some of the townsfolk... who knows?
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      I'm a fan of Pierre going out of business :up: Not enough to go the Joja route but there's other ways to make that happen... Also like the Junimo Goddess idea. about time those cute little apple fairies were useful :rofl:
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        Ooh, this is amazing. I like that Junimo altar!
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          This is such a creative idea!!!
          But, do you think Linus would help Joja's company knowing that it would harm the environment? I think even Demetrius would be against it, but still!
          Such a cool idea!!! It would be great if someone added this to the game, as a mode!!!!

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