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    Hello everyone, big fan of stardew valley and at 38 have just started experimenting with coding and modding, both with very helpful games like this and Rasberry Pi. no mad skillz yet but I'm enjoying it..

    I started gaming waaaay back with an Atari console (Combat, masterbuilder, Bruce Lee), they had a controller with a joystick and one red button, horrible to use but one epic summer my big bro and i reached some insane level of Space Invaders where it was all mother ships one space up and we went into some brother-zone...special times! I was 9.

    I stuck with gaming and music-making through Amiga 500, C64, NES, Super NES, Sega megadrive, Nintendo 64...when i completed Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the 64 I decided to have a break from gaming and concentrate on sound synthesis and music, had a small amount of success there.

    Recently i started gaming again on my Macbook, games like Machinarium and Lumino city that were recommended to me and I found that the games I'd been wanting as a kid were now here! Kerbal space program too, the open-ended stuff that we could only dream of in the 80s and 90s. Stardew Valley is the best of these so far, and I know Ape must be worn out from this project but I would encourage Him to keep this going and expanding as the possibilities are literally endless, especially with really committed and imaginative mods. Could be the first game ever to truly become 'limitless'

    Anyhoo I think the other great thing about this game is that it's shown truly talented devs with no budget can make a seriously good game without everything being 3D and make some money, and as a music producer I would encourage game devs to listen out for music talent on Soundcloud etc who have been smashed by the new music model and ask them to work for percentages, win-win!

    As a dayjob I work at a small hotel in the Southern Highlands NSW Australia as a receptionist, It's a nice place so generally I deal with very happy people... doing front-end people-work isn't easy for me but it is definitely good for me! I have overcome my fear of the phone ringing and developed a lot of empathy for people in the same sorta jobs, spending a little lifetime being humble is good, spending a lot being humble is great! But is very important to keep going for those goals, cos tooo much can be heartbreaking :)
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    Hello! I really should play Stardew Valley more. It always seems to calm my mind.
    I'll let you know, the community is pretty nice, and people are willing to help you with modding by giving tips or just generally walking with you.
    Well, I hope you have fun with us!
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    Hello and welcome to the forums! Stardew Valley is, indeed, a great game. (;
  4. Crossfang

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    [​IMG] . good sir!
    You.. I like you already. xD

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    Heyo and welcome to the forums!
    It's nice to see another Australian(even though I am much younger)
    Putting that aside, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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