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"Amplified Characters" Option/Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dolphinflavored, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Dolphinflavored

    Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

    I was thinking for new relic ideas, when I realized that having the "Amplified Characters" option would be "kind of cool."
    What is "Amplified Characters"?
    All that means is that you will be given an option, after completing a certain feat, to switch your character's four z,x,c,v abilities to something somewhat similar, but different.

    Think of FTL - Ships can have a Layout A and a Layout B. Basically this is what I'm saying.
    For example:
    the Commando's four abilities are

    Double Tap, (Shoot twice 2x60%)
    FMJ, (Shoot through enemies 230%)
    Tactical Dive, (Roll forward small distance)
    and Suppresive Fire (stun/hit 480%). (Do i really have to remind you? :3)

    With the "amplified characters" option, you could change the character's playstyle (just a little!) without deviating from his default layout (See what I did there? :3).
    So, for instance, the option could change his abilities into something like this:

    Single Shot, (Fire once 130%)
    Hollow Point, (Shoot through 4-5 enemies 300%)
    Sprint, (What do you think it means?)
    Tesla Prototype (Stun all enemies within long range for 2 seconds)

    I just pulled these off the top of my head, but hopefully you get the idea. (I even used colored font to show contrast!) The amplified character, (Or B- character) may also have a different appearance, for multi-player purposes.

    So do any ofYOU have any ideas for the OTHER characters? I would love to hear them! I would also love to hear the ideas for the Sniper! :)

    Hopefully this idea will get picked up by the devs and we can have more replayability! Because it's all about the replayability!

    Thanks for reading!

    Edit: Since people (or a person) is picking up my idea, and I'm a huge fan of the Mercenary, I'm going to post my idea before anyone else does. (Mwahahahahaha)

    For reminder:
    laser sword: slash dealing 130%, whirlwind: slice twice, blinding assault: dash up to 3 times 120%, eviscerate: attack 6x110%

    -Laser Hammer: Smash at a slow rate for 190% damage, up to 5 enemies.
    -Tornado: Spin around with your hammer acting as a counterweight. Deal 250% damage in both directions, also knocking enemies back. You are immune for the duration.
    -Mighty Strike: Leap forward and land your hammer on the ground, stunning enemies for 1 second and dealing 150% damage. If an enemy is killed, you can do it again, to no limit.
    -Eradicate: Throw three boomerangs in one direction, hitting all enemies for 110% (like the sawmerang), and for each enemy the boomerang kills, when it comes back, you recieve a temporary stat boost to attack speed and damage, starting at +4%, and stopping at 40%

    He's a bit bulkier :3
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    • shadowpikachu

      shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

      Make it an extra artifact and have it make the game harder, then i agree.
      • Dolphinflavored

        Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

        Hmm... I would agree too. I can't think of anything to make the game harder except maybe enemies drop less XP? Or gold?
        Also maybe the relic can only be found when you loop, since there aren't any more levels to put it in, and it would be a little more worth it. :D
        • ViralSwarm

          ViralSwarm Void-Bound Voyager

          I'm liking this, and throwing together some ideas, trying to replace as much as possible but keep the character feel the same at the core. I kept commando as Dolphinflavoured suggested, but with a replacement on the 4th, and some clarity on the 3rd.

          Commando Much more conservative with ammo, but still knows how to send enemies scrambling for cover
          Semi Auto (Fire once 130%) Single pistol shot, very professional
          Hollow Point (Shoot through 4-5 enemies 300%) Good round for soft targets
          Sprint (Boosts movement and gives chance to evade attacks) Gotta be light on your feet to survive
          Heads Down (Fear all nearby enemies for 1 second, then stun for 2) A few well placed rounds and they'll hit the deck for safety

          Enforcer The shield was only slowing him down
          Buckshot (Hits first target 180%) Ol' Bertha's got a bit more bite than usual
          Stock Slam (Stuns all targets in front, very short range) Ain't just the end that goes boom that hurts
          Hard Target (Causes massive damage reduction for 5 seconds) <Think Providence> He's used to pain
          Riot Response (Increases movement speed, attack speed and damage) Can't afford to overthink a fight, just gotta act and re-act

          Bandit Outta smoke, and his trigger finger ain't as itchy
          Tap (Fire once 140%) Been firing too fast for too long, needs a rest
          Kaboom (Tosses three small sticks of dynamite for 3x80%) Ran outta tape to hold all these together
          Backstep (Leap backwards a short distance) You'd best move quick if you see a gun pointin' at you, works for these things too
          Rosa and Eugene (Fires two antique pistols for 2x350% each shot reduces cooldowns by 50% if the kill an enemy) These two have never failed him

          Huntress Sold the Glaive, got a new bow, can still strafe.
          Draw (Draw an arrow, increasing damage over 2s, 120% -> 160%) New bow's got more spring to it
          Bola Shot (Stuns first enemy hit, then explodes 1s later for 150%) Those who chase, fall
          instinct (Become invisible for 4s, attacking breaks cover but boosts damage by 20%) The perfect hunter
          Multi-Shot (bow is drawn as normal, but arrow deals 180%, splitting into 3 that seek nearest enemies for 3x120%) A trick learned from a pretty blonde guy with pointy ears
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          • Jepton

            Jepton Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Very interesting. These sound like all new characters, though.
            • Dolphinflavored

              Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

              That's the thing though! :O
              It gives you a "new character" feel but doesn't actually add another character. I feel like this idea would be like a substitution for people who want new classes, and people who want a different game experience, without all the extra stuff that goes into making an entirely new character.
              And for fans of, say, the Mercenary, who like the class because of it's invulnerable frames, this would let them see how their favorite feature of their favorite character can be put to the test in different situations. Put a little more simply, you could exaggerate the things you like about a certain character and while your at it you could maybe add some new features. :D

              Basically, I'm just really desperate for new classes. :3
              • Jepton

                Jepton Subatomic Cosmonaut

                This game will grow very strong with more classes. The trouble is trying to think of new playstyles.
                • CantWontDontStop

                  CantWontDontStop Master Chief

                  I've actually been thinking something similar along these lines. Only, instead of changing all skills, it's more of a TF2-style skill unlock that you can use to customize a class's loadout upon selection. It would be difficult to format this appropriately for the forums, so in lieu of that, the list is here.

                  Of special note are things like the Hunter's Aim Assist Z Skill, which changes her entire playstyle by replacing her "all skills can be used while moving" rules text with "all skills seek out enemies."

                  That, and the Mercenary's Alt skills are meant to evoke the abilities of a very specific character...
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                  • Roundhouse Kitty

                    Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

                    I feel like if they want to make new abilities for every single character, the effort would be better spent actually making new characters. I mean, the difference in effort involved in making the characters vs. new abilities isn't huge, since in either case you'd have to make new sound, new visual effects, you'd have to make more, new animations (though not necessarily completely new sprite)...

                    The only things I can think of that you wouldn't have to make is basic sprites and unique achievement related items.

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