Animal–Crop Price Balance

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Should the animal–crop price balance be adjusted?

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  1. Yes—make crops more profitable and animals less profitable.

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  2. No—it's fine.

  3. Yes—make animals more profitable and crops less profitable.

  4. Not sure...

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  1. quasimik

    quasimik Aquatic Astronaut

    Right now, crops are objectively way, way more profitable than animals. *

    This reddit thread sums it up nicely.

    Some excerpts from the thread:
    • Nerf crops a bit
    • Nerf berries a bit more
    • Buff animal products
    * Edit: I realized that the game has been updated to increase the sale price of animal products. I'm still interested to know people's opinions on the updated balance. Is it ok now? Are berries still op?
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    • ssokolow

      ssokolow Cosmic Narwhal

      I chose "No, it's fine" because it was the only option that definitively meant "don't nerf crops". Buffing animal products still sounds like a good idea.
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      • quasimik

        quasimik Aquatic Astronaut

        I just realized that animal products have actually been buffed since the quoted thread.
        I'm still interested to know what people think of the updated crop/animal balance. Is it ok now?
        • Mythoss

          Mythoss Subatomic Cosmonaut

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        • MithranArkanere

          MithranArkanere Space Kumquat

          Animal products give too little compared to crops, and unlike crops, you have to tend to them every day. There aren't automatic milkers, you have to keep them fed, and there isn't people you can hire so they do the stuff for you. Your wife may feed them, but that's it. Not keeping them happy or gathering.

          I have a greenhouse full for ancient fruits. And they give me more than enough gold every 8 days. I'd rather be able to use that gold to hire Kent and/or Shane and have them work at my farm tending to the animals.
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