RELEASED Animal Ear Anime Portraits and Fantasy Edits

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by AriaDraconfly, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. cure

    cure Big Damn Hero

    happy early b-day! lol, thanks for the mods.
    • xFishbone

      xFishbone Cosmic Narwhal

      Happy bday!
      • endermaryn

        endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Can you do one as an unicorn? Equine ears and a horn would be awesome. Sebastian would make an adorable unicorn. :giggle: Penny and Leah look adorable as a cat and fox :rainbowbarf: and would have made cute unicorns too.
        • xFishbone

          xFishbone Cosmic Narwhal

          Elliott would make for an interesting unicorn too..
          kitsune is... practically a fox... with more than 1 tail.. which wont show in a portrait.. so bascially just a fox..
          • draw95

            draw95 Aquatic Astronaut

            Can I ask what the program to draw the portrait? Maybe I can help. Never try modding but interested.
            see my drawing first if i'm good enough or not. Sorry if my english bad
            • Baromeus

              Baromeus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              sure i'm not aria but a fellow artist, hope you take no offens if i answer....
              Your drawings a good but drawing and pixeling aren't the same. A good programm to start is GraphicsGale (free to use). Just try out some editing on finished portraits (and maybe sprites) and see how it works out. After that you see if you are not only good in drawing but good in pixelart too and if so, i'm sure every one would be happy to get your help ;)
              • draw95

                draw95 Aquatic Astronaut

                Alright, thanks for the reply. Gonna try this and hope for the best :D
                • Yunix

                  Yunix Big Damn Hero

                  Happy Birthday! :)
                  • endermaryn

                    endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    I agree now that I am looking at his face again. All that hair just screams, 'Mane!'
                    • AriaDraconfly

                      AriaDraconfly Title Not Found

                      Oof yeah a bit hungover from my birthday party definitely wont take another crack at maru until tomorrow. But I decided to go back over my Emily sprite. Redraw her hair, make her shoulders less wide, more shading, and other minor changes. Makes her look younger I think.
                      So what do you think better? Or just different ? :p[​IMG]
                      • AriaDraconfly

                        AriaDraconfly Title Not Found

                        New version of Robin.
                        • xFishbone

                          xFishbone Cosmic Narwhal

                          the new ones look awesome!
                          • AriaDraconfly

                            AriaDraconfly Title Not Found

                            The reworks of the villagers and Caroline are now available.
                            • cristian43

                              cristian43 Void-Bound Voyager

                              could u change abby's ears color to match with her hair?
                              • MythosKirito

                                MythosKirito Void-Bound Voyager

                                Will you make an anime cleavage animal ear/tail edit for Leah? I really liked this and all of those, and if they came together I'd LOVE it. (Also Leah is my waifu so that one first please)
                                • Zervo

                                  Zervo Poptop Tamer

                                  hey AriaDraconfly,

                                  Love your work..
                                  Leah with fox ear is really cute.

                                  Are you still working on this mod?
                                  Could you please add Fox/Cat/Tiger ear to Penny?

                                  Small ears are cuter :3

                                  • wraith_magus

                                    wraith_magus Space Spelunker

                                    To go back to Maru, maybe you could try "bird ears" like Mystia Lorelei from Touhou, or other non-mammalian ears, like draconic "fin" ears and horns?
                                    • enderpony

                                      enderpony Void-Bound Voyager

                                      these are really cute. would be great if they were expressive, like falling during sadness and standing straight during surprise.
                                      • Riceball Wannabe

                                        Riceball Wannabe Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Would you be able to put animal ears on the bachelors made from Toonyoza's portraits? Since I'm gonna be marrying a guy ~
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                                        • kemonomiimii

                                          kemonomiimii Space Hobo

                                          Could you make the bachelors with animal ears too? I loved how you made the bachelorrettes! And I'd love to see the bachelors... :catface:

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