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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Glades, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Glades

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    I'm sure there's people out there with more experience than me in terms of caring for animals!

    1) I finally worked my way to a deluxe barn/silo combo, I figured I would initially start with cows being that they are cheaper while dealing with the learning curve. Is there a method beyond feeding them (auto w. deluxe barn) to gain hearts?

    2) Is there a faster way to grow grass to sickle and create fodder? Also, does all grass on your farm property die in the transition to winter?


    3) What have you guys been doing to rake in the gold? I really took to fishing.. typical day is at least 4-6k/day and I've hit 8-10k net profit w/ legendary catch + beach foraging in the summer. Just curious to see if thats below, average or slightly higher than other alternatives.

    Happy Farming!
    • Maiden's Tear

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      I generally have a mostly automated farm for crops. I have hundreds of crops and have them all watered via sprinklers, I only got animals for community center. My record money in a day was around 67k and that was pretty much just with the harverst. At the start of the season I would plant crops then just harvest them soon after and replant (or in certain months just wait for them to regrow the crop). I would mostly have huge amounts of time to work on money but overall after the first year I was basically set up for large amounts to come in next year just struggling to buy all the seeds since spent a little too much on other things. I mostly just spent the first 2 seasons clearing the mine.

      For animals I think they generally gain happiness from interacting with them and milking / sheering them. I have only had them after getting automated feeding. All grass vanishes in winter and as for growing grass I am guessing the best way is to plant a lot in lines or something and cutting it as it grows while leaving some to help it regrow but lack the knowledge and experience for that. I was totally a crop farmer / miner and only took up fishing in the second year (found it hard to start but now is high level is easy).
      • Masterjts

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        For grass the best thing you can do is keep with the original scythe then do one chop. This will leave about 1/3rd of the grass in patches. Them move down the row clearing. When you are done your field will look very spotty. The grass grows out from an adjacent grass square so if you remove it all in a large section you'll have to replant a piece here or there to get it to grow back fast enough.
        • Xylia

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          So the game talks about metal fences "lasting longer'... how often do wooden fences get holes in them? I haven't started animals yet (I'm only on my first winter), so I'm wondering if I should start building a massive collection of iron bars now to make iron fences later, or if wood fences only disappear 1 square here and there, I might just go with wood...

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