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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Dragonbane07, Aug 6, 2016.

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    ok ive seen it mentioned a few times in some much MUCH older posts and i haven't seen it since. im working on a possible animation overhaul mod (since surprisingly nobody has done it yet) and ive already got the new animations for all of the players. though the armors and weapon animations are all fine and dandy id like to know if it was possible to add more frames to the cycles. ive studied the .FRAME files and edited them to where they should work and add new frame boundaries but the sequencing of the animation seems to be separate from the frames folder, i have the boundaries set but the game dosnt read them correctly. ive searched everywhere and closest thing ive found to animation sequencing folders was the sequencing of the player animations in the Humanoid.config. where is the sequencing for the items? if there isnt one how does the game know when to play what frames? is it possible to program my own sequencing? is any of this even possible on the games engine? if not then why can the player frames have sequencing and not items?

    ive been trying my best to work out these problems for days now and im getting frustrated. any help whatsoever would be great. and a dev response that could answer my questions would be a god send.
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    the .frames only seperates the .png into individual frames, you still need the .animation to tell it which frames to use in an animation. Basically it doesn't matter if your .frames has dimensions of [100,9000] if it's only looping the first 8 frames in the .animation.
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    yeah i thought so.
    ive already understood that for myself but im curious if anyone could help me with finding the .animation files or tell me if they even exist. as ive asked in the end of the post.

    EDIT: ok so i did a search for .animation in my unpacked starbound folder and i all i seem to have found is just particle animations and preset animations (such as the beam-up animations, the death animation, ect) i dont see any frame sequencing and i dont see a "player.animation" file so i can only assume that the sequencing for .frame files are located elsewhere and are called a different thing.
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