RELEASED Anthro Characters Continued (Furry Overhaul Mod) + Genderswaps

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    Does anyone know who if anyone is working on a furry villager (and player) mod like this one for the new Stardew Valley 1.6? If this mod is the best we got, I'd love to help with making it compatible with the mod system of 1.6, because I think the modding system has been revamped! Hopefully, upgrading this mod to the new modding system won't be very difficult!

    Found one other user asking for it here! I started a thread asking about guides for converting mods to be compatible with SV1.6 here!
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      hiyo poke, the developers of this mod confirmed they are working on it over on nexus-mods, and another modder made a compatability version that doesn't have new art, but fixes the broken sprites in the game c:


      here is a link to the un-updated mod:

      and here is a link to the compatability version:

      if you install this, be aware that by default, the female-to-male genderswaps are active, you can disable them in the mod config menu (the gear icon in the bottom left of the title screen)


      additionally, there is also a working furry player mod here:

      the player mod requires content patcher, a mod called Fashion Sense, and an addon for Fashion Sense that adds a whole bunch of ears, tails, horns and wings.
      here is a screenshot of my current character, i like that the ears and tails can wiggle when moving c:
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        That's great news, I only wish they used this site or instead, would love to help! Thanks for the info!!!
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          I popped back in, man it's been a long time since I've used this. Sorry! I'll update this page over the next day or so once we've ironed out any bugs that might pop up, but I'd like people to know that the mod HAS been updated for 1.6 over on the Nexus. Glad to see some old familiar faces here still playing~
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            Yes, sorry. I'll have it fixed shortly; sorry this took so long, I just didn't see it.

            Edit: Fixed! Sorry Sabs.
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