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    :catface: Anthro Cat Children :catface:
    Made my first ever sprite work and mini mod. This mod replaces your character's children sprites with kitty-fied versions! Great for people playing with the two mods mentioned above who either play as a cat/married a cat character. I plan on doing more colors and fur patterns as I come across some free time, and might branch out into doing some other animal variants(like lizards, or something), so let me know what you want to see!

    Suggestions and Critiques are welcome!





    Original Sprites done by ConcernedApe

    Installation Guide: You can only have one Baby/Toddler/Toddler_girl and Baby_dark/Toddler_dark/Toddler_girl_dark .xnb file each. I've compiled all the coat patterns into their own folder, with different hair colors for the regular and _dark files. :kitten2:

    To install your little cat babies into your Stardew world, simply extract the .xnb files of the coat colors that you want and place them in your Stardew Valley/Content/Characters folder of your game file. Hit yes to accept the prompt to replace the files and then your kiddies are now kitties! Yay! :3
    Recommended Mods:

    You don't need them if you don't want them, but these mods helped to inspire my own mod and they really are amazing! You should definitely go check them out.

    LackeDragon's Furry/Anthro Player

    Gaveliere's Anthro Characters
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