Modding Help Any idea on where the Dialogue files are?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by LunarLion, Jul 27, 2016.

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    This is my first time making a mod (well, more like editing some files), and I wanted to figure out how to get the racial dialogue from the earlier version back in the game. I have unpacked the files from the instructions, and when I go to the dialogue folder, all I see are the "crew member" "deadbeat" and "rebel". I've looked at the rebel and I haven't seen any of the dialogue I've encountered when talking to an apex rebel. Have I messed up the unpacking, or is it in some different folder?
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    If those files are ALL you see, then yes, you messed up unpacking somewhere along the line.

    When you run the asset_unpacker from the terminal did you close it before it was done?
    The prompt doesn't exactly tell you when it is finished but it does take quite a couple minutes to complete.
    You know it is finished when your prompt prints the next line showing your file path and is now showing your typed characters.
  3. LunarLion

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    I see... I ran the unpacker again, and waited for about 30 or so minutes until the thing stopped on its own, and now I see all of the files. Thanks for the help
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