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  1. EpsilonEagle256

    EpsilonEagle256 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Might probably get sued for putting this into starbound (devs, you have been warned)
    but anyway...

    I've been watching a few alien movies and one of them was Starship troopers (the one with the giant bugs that rip people in half!!!) and I thought the arachnids would be a rather nice addition to the game.


    From the anatomy pic above, I managed to do some spriting of this mob, which can then be uniquely coloured, like any other mob.

    Appearance (Traditional colours):
    Dark coloured with yellow "tiger" stripes and a red crest on the top of the head, some can be different patterns, sizes and other colour combinations.


    (bit dodgy looking, but i think it's my best work so far, might animate them if I can)

    With their long legs and sharp mandibles, these warrior bugs are capable of fast traveling and destructive melee combat, using their claws to repetitively stab and slash at their victims. Usually attacking in packs, they surround their prey and move in for the kill, their mandibles are capable of ripping a target in half, they also use their mandibles to tackle or trip their target over, they then use their claws to attack their target. Their living environments consist of deserts and sandy plains, however they can colonize other planets via launching asteroids with bug plasma. An arachnid warrior is capable of taking many shots to its limbs and body and may still retain speed towards the attacker, its hard shell is strong enough to repel bullets. Though a formidable enemy, it does have some weak points. Destroying the nerve stem is one way of killing an arachnid warrior quickly, storming an arachnid, (using it's technique of offense) is a quick way of destroying this foe.

    To implement into starbound, I decided that making it drop an arachnid limb when it's dead an idea, using it as a material for certain floran placements (because they use bones, claw etc to make their furniture) and other uses like melee weapons (if you can make weapons)

    The arachnid warrior is mostly found on dry/desert planets, although there may be an event in which an asteroid containing arachnids may hit a floral planet for example and colonize that planet. Spawning around the player would depend on the players position, if the player is outside in a desert, he/she may encounter 1-3 scouting arachnids, however if the player is in a cave, they would encounter a lot more, as arachnids use cave systems as hives.

    With the arachnid being an intimidating enemy, it would be a very strong creature (half - last tier enemy). Can't exactly determine the health it would have, seeing as I don't know whats considered strong and weak in starbound, but a good 250 - 300 hp (maybe, I don't know) would make it how it is in the movies, with major bullet resistance, unless it's hit in the right spot (if starbound has hit boxes and what not)

    The arachnid is a fast enemy, when in pursuit with a target, they will outrun the target and most likely kill it. When not in pursuit of an enemy, the arachnid warrior walks around the environment, searching for prey to hunt.

    The arachnid, once spotting an enemy, would charge at it using its mandibles in a devastating swoop or a knocking back tackle (if the distance is great enough), if the target survives, the arachnid would use its claws to swipe and stab at the victim. The mandibles would cause massive damage to the player, again, I don't know what is considered as strong or weak, but I think 5 hp loss with the claws and 15-20 hp loss with the mandibles is fair enough, considering the mass amount of arachnids the player would overcome if stuck inside a hive.

    I thought it was a good idea to include an invasion type scheme, in which if you decide to make a military outpost for example on an arachnid planet and go scouting, some scouting arachnids may steal your NPC's and bring them back to their hive, if the player is quick enough, they will be able to track down the arachnid before the NPC is chow/prisoner. Or you may stumble across a generated dungeon and find NPC's captured by arachnids and you free them.


    Tell me what you think :p
  2. Affero

    Affero Contributor

    I love them. Personally I'm a huge fan of starship troopers. Great work, but perhaps redo them a little bit so that they're not identical to the arachnids from SHT. X3
  3. DormantGames

    DormantGames Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ahaha :D That's awesome (I laughed a bunch at the last 2 pics, that's amazing :p) My mind is having a party right now. That's how much it wants these. :D
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  4. Zody

    Zody Weight of the Sky

    Really nice ideas and pixel art, tough you are in all likelyhood unfortunately right about the legal implications. But if one simply changes the visual style to something less liable to provoke copyright backlash I personally think that this is a really neat idea and would love to see something along these lines implemented.:up:
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  5. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    omg yes, I love these from star ship troopers! only thing is the copyright issues xD but other then that...YEAH :DD
  6. Magma Claw

    Magma Claw Existential Complex

    not bad!
  7. Greenlamp

    Greenlamp Master Chief

    Nothing like a starship troopers reference!! Sounds good as!
  8. NightFire

    NightFire Parsec Taste Tester

    as long as they have a nice touch of alien and a nice touch of spider.....(aka enough spider features and enough alien feature.....)

    (i like your drawings of them but it seems a bit TOO alien but either way i do like them)
  9. Atlus

    Atlus Big Damn Hero

    EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS. Wait... Wait... Recounting here...

    Arachnids need 8 legs!

    Interesting premise none the less. I want a sort of swarming insect/zerg nemesis in the game.
  10. Lockerd

    Lockerd Orbital Explorer

    I can see this as a great mod, one with the same SHT arachnids.

    I've been wanting something like this to give me something to do.
  11. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

    BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Nice work! Ik it's two years later, and I just necro'd this forum, but it's really great! Should be a mod, or have some things tweaked, enough that legal issues won't happen.
  12. BigWhiteShogun

    BigWhiteShogun Tentacle Wrangler

    Nice desing, crappy movie :/ If you like the concept of Starship Troopers I recommend you a book on which that movie was "based" on.

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