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  1. ChaosB

    ChaosB Astral Cartographer

    Inspired partly by a few threads on the topic, and party by my own frustration on the matter, I've come up with possible skill replacement to make treasure hunting a little bit easier: The Archaeologist.

    Currently my thinking is that the profession would replace Geologist in the Mining skill tree, both for thematic reasons and because currently Miner/Prospector are one of the obvious profession choices, and making it so that it's actually a difficult choice between that and Archaeologist seem like it would make the game more interesting.

    Archaeologist(Level 5)
    Artifact spots show up much more often(2x current rate).

    Treasure Hunter(Level 10)
    Arrows points towards artifact spots.(As I understand it Tracker currently does this for artifact spots and forage items, though this would be only for artifact spots, assuming that's possible)

    [Placeholder, need name](Level 10)
    Digging up an artifact spot is much more likely to result in something good.(Artifact rates are doubled, more likely to get ores, less likely to get stone/clay. If possible to code once all artifacts have been turned in artifact rates would drop to 0%, while ore find rate would drastically increase)

    Treasure Hunter would make finding artifact spots much easier due to the arrows pointing them out, whereas the alternate skill would still require you to run around like a madman/woman but make it so that when you did find a spot you'd have much better odds of getting something good from it.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions and possible names for the second level 10 Profession?
    • Eikos

      Eikos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      For Archaeologist, how about getting double loot from an artifact spot (not necessarily both the same) instead of having them show up twice as much? Skills often don't change the map itself, only the player's interaction with it.

      Going along with Archaeology, Surveyor or Excavator could be the names of subskills. I suppose Excavator can be used for the second skill. People might consider different things "good" though. I'd personally like artifact spots to continue giving artifacts because I like collecting them, sometimes for roleplay reasons, especially artifacts like the Dwarf Gadget. In terms of ore, iridium would definitely be on the list. The others are up to debate.
      • ChaosB

        ChaosB Astral Cartographer

        The Burglar's Ring does have the 'roll twice for loot' feature, so I'm guessing that wouldn't be too big of an addition to the game to add a skill that does something similar with artifact spots.

        Liking the names, those would fit nicely with the different 'roles', one focused on finding, the other focused on digging up stuff.

        My reasoning behind reducing artifact rates after finding them all was mainly based upon the repeated times where I got an artifact that I'd already gotten and expanding that to what it would be like when I had every artifact already, hadn't considered the roleplay aspect to it and how some people might actually want more artifacts.

        As for ores that was based upon the rare occurrence of getting copper ores, and I was thinking more of those would help more than stone and clay, both of which can be attained easier other ways. I hadn't really considered other ores, but thinking about it if iridium was a possibility, even at a 5-10% rate that would certainly make for a difficult choice between Archaeologist and Miner. One always gets you an extra ore of any quality but requires you to go to the Skull Caverns if you want iridium, one gives you a low but 'easy' way to get one or two iridium at any location where you find artifact spots. As for odds perhaps 40%/30%/20%/10% for copper/iron/gold/iridium respectively when the loot table rolls for an ore result.
        • addy.b

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          Speaking as someone who's been running around for two years ingame, trying and failing to find a Trilobite... a profession like this would be awesome, haha. I don't mind getting repeat artifacts sometimes - I used a couple Dolls in my kids' room as decoration - but maybe the ore-find rate could still increase without decreasing the artifact rate all the way to 0?

          This is a great idea though, if it were an option I'd definitely have picked it for my Mining profession!

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