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    ..or not. It Depend!
    My english isn't so good but i'll try my best. This is my suggestion:

    Argeous (suggest a different name if you like)
    A wild animal that lives in forest type planets, mostly in areas without trees and on top of mountains. He's usually peacefull and lives with a family of few (3-4). When provoked, is a strong beast and he charge with the pointed beak.
    Is pretty common see this animals "fly" on the sky, or, to say it better, glide. In fact they are used to jump from the top of a mountain and relase a web substance from the back of the shoulders. This substance becomes a sort of silk when it contact with the air.
    These silky wings will vanish soon once the animal have landed.

    x2 Silk Web - Basically, theyr wings. It's not pasty and is quite frail if not processed. Once processed it will not disappear with time and can be used for making silky clothes.

    Biome - Mountain or High land
    Planet type - Forest
    Time - Day

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:
    This mob lives in an high area, mostly the big hills. it spawns only where there are no trees.
    Is strong like a miniboss, luckly is peacefull usually.

    This mob walk like others mob, but when he need to Jump to the ground, he use to glide.
    He can decently swim.

    Melee (charge - pircing damage)

    Study of the beast

    Walk animation

    [3x zoomed to fix with starbound resolution]


    A rough sample on how it spreads the silkwebs wings to glide

    PS: When mounted it can't glide, so this is a propreties of only wild animals.
    You wonder why it can't...?
    See above.
    Don't you wanna be tangled, no? Noo, you don't!

    That's all. Please comment and suggest what you whould like to see changed. :3
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    But why not consider it as a mech?
  3. Flame du Nicols

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    Glitches already have their mecha horse (you can see one when find a glitches castle), since this one looks made of flesh and feather I thought it would have fit better the avian race.
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    Bump, just to see if the now fixed bot will work on this one.

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