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Dye Pixel by Pixel or Even More Dye Sections

  1. Per Pixel (too difficult)

  2. More dye sections (easier)

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  1. Wolfen109

    Wolfen109 Void-Bound Voyager

    Being able to only dye one predetermined part of armor is very lackluster. I think a great way to help with individuality of customization is to be able to dye any part of the armor with any/multiple colors you want.

    I suggest a new crafting table called, "Armor/ Weapon Painter Station" (clever name right?) That would let you do just that.

    How it would work is you load as many different dyes as you have, like stocking fuel in your gas tank, into the table. Then upload any weapon or armor onto it. An interface would appear, just like the excavation mini game, which would allow you to select whatever colors you have loaded into the machine and to be able to select specifically where the color would go either pixel by pixel (stretch) or by more predetermined sections of the armor and weapon

    I just feel very limited in what I can color. Especially when you are trying to cross match armor and the color schemes won't match because one armor only changes the trim, while this other piece changes the whole thing. You guys know what I mean? Tell me what you think.

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