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Bug/Issue Artifact Bug, Forced Gold Quality & Trash Duplication Bug etc.

Discussion in 'Support' started by ponyapan, May 7, 2018.

  1. ponyapan

    ponyapan Aquatic Astronaut

    (These bugs were found in the beta)

    There's a bug with the artifacts. When I'm inside the museum, the description of the artifact will show if I had left one of the same item to Gunther before. But the moment I'm outisde the museum, the description will not show- it doesn't matter if had left the item in the museum before or not.
    It becomes a problem when I have to take every item I find to Gunther, and then realize I have left it before.

    Harvests can be "forced" to become gold quality. If you have one item of the gold quality, then the rest of the inventory is full of junk or other items, you will only recieve gold quality.
    At first it will usually say that your inventory is full, but it's like if the quality goes off random each time you try to pick it up instead of when it spawned.

    The host doesn't have this bug. But the other players can reset the trash cans by just entering a house, or another place. It's far too easy to duplicate valuables, like in the ocassion that there's a gold bar in the trash can, the other players can just enter a house, leave, dig trough trash - repeat.
    In the end of the day, you can have about 90 of those items.

    Then theres just some minor bugs, like you can see the other players during a cutscene, sometimes is the main player has a cutscene the other players will teleport there too after (very irritating), you can place grass inside the shop, if you haven't introduced yourself to the villagers but your friends have they will still act like you have met the first time you talk to them. I think thats it.
    • abefelix10

      abefelix10 Intergalactic Tourist

      We have this problem with everyone except the host as well
      • Amandycat

        Amandycat Tentacle Wrangler

        Also an issue with our multiplayer game.

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