Assorted oddities

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    This list can document weird, paranormal, or seemingly nonsensical creatures (think Earthbound), as well as cryptids (maybe creatures known as mythical in the Starbound universe).

    1. Ghosts: they inhabit marooned vessels in space, or ancient ruins and wreckages on planets. You can catch and research them to find out how to destroy them, or maybe even tame them.

    2. Shapeshifters: they try to infiltrate your space station and steal valuables (to a varying degree). If you capture one, you could research it to maybe get a device that will let you shape shift too, or tame one and have it sabotage an enemy vessel.

    3. Microorganisms: Along the lines of the Andromeda Strain; you can gather beneficial bacteria that could protect you from certain statuses (like poison), or make vaccines for the bad ones that could infect you during a trip to a new planet.

    Any other weird creatures you can think of?

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