Mob Asteroid Mobs (It's a list, accompanying my Asteroid environment suggestion)

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    Link to the Environment Suggestion:

    This is a list of mobs that would accompany the Asteroid Belt Environment:
    Astrowurm: A giant worm that lives in some asteroids. It is passive until the asteroid it is inside is disturbed with a player nearby. The asteroid could be disturbed in several ways, such as being mined, or being struck by another asteroid while the player stands on it. The worm would have a behavior similar to the Man Eater from Terraria, and cannot move very far from the asteroid, and as such is easily escapable.

    Echocade: A species of Bat that live in asteroids. They come out of a hole in an asteroid and attack the player when the player gets too close to an asteroid with the nest inside of it. The Echocades have no eyes, and fly blindly for a short period of time before focusing in on the player, due to Echolocation. The Echocades defense rises immediately after focusing in, as they are no longer disoriented.

    Space Pirates: Similar to the Goblin Invasion of terraria, occasionally, when a Player enters an Asteroid Belt, the screen could come up with the message, "Space Pirates discovered!" Immediately, Space Pirates would begin to converge on the player from all directions of the Asteroid Belt. While the Space Pirates are attacking, the player need not worry about Astrowurms or Echocades, because they do not spawn while the invasion goes on. The Space Pirates drop pieces of technology loot occasionally, always randomized and specific to a Race in the game, to show that they were stolen from that race. The items dropped should be Cultural to the race, and used to craft weapons specific to that race, (although usable by any race, of course) such as, for the Avians, something like a Temple Spear, or something, as the Avians are centralized to the Temples. (Or so I gathered.)

    I hope Tiy and the rest of the Devs read this, and hopefully I'm not just repeating something they already had planned for the game!
  2. The Enlightened Grue

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    bats, worms, and bandits... pretty standard. Any Insects (Spiders, Space-Locusts, etc) or Void-Kangaroos and/or Space-Clowns up your sleeve? :p

    remember, in a game like this, limits are pretty much out the window for enemies.
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    what about metroid? They got space pirate and whatever crazy stuff that give the flea out of me.

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