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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

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  1. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    Due to the race mod's insane popularity (and, somewhat vocal user base) we've had to split up and move to new threads!

    Looking to discuss the Avali race mod's development, report bugs or give feedback?
    Want to chat about lore, share stories or just chat with other Avali (players)?
    Direct that to this thread instead!


    This public service message was brought to you by the Avalon ministry of information
    (Can we not have any further posts before lock, in order to keep this post visible)
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  2. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    What's the deal with the mod icon :/ - I accidentlly uploaded the wrong one but it's not updating it.

    This is the one it should be using:

    Just imagine that is the pic instead ;p
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  3. XailentGames

    XailentGames Subatomic Cosmonaut

    "Client-server connection no longer valid" :(, Well, no awesome race to me... Again... and again...
  4. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    :( - Is that trying to run it on a server that doesn't have the mod installed, or is that trying to run it on a multiplayer server?
  5. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well, this looks promising. Imma give it a DL and see how it works.
  6. XailentGames

    XailentGames Subatomic Cosmonaut

    No, im playing alone... Is like the game dont wanna let me play with cool tings...
    BTW: I like the name "Rhai"
  7. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    Yeahhhh, that'll be a problem - obviously you cannot play a custom race that isn't installed also installed on the server, and I think it'll be a while before this race goes mainstream
  8. Fuufuu

    Fuufuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    shldhjahdjhd Just when I settled with the familiar, you come In with this Cool looking and ADORABLE looking Race ; w; !
  9. dark lord derpy

    dark lord derpy Big Damn Hero

    Again, awesome mod, I like the lore and for me, this mod is running smoothly, another Idea for a reason for the player to explore the galaxy, besides the tech cult who wants to unshackle/free the oracle AI, would be sorta a gold rush scenario, a post-singularity being, such as a Jupiter brain or other Big Smart Object has moved on from this universe, after passing on, it has left behind a great deal of hyper advanced technology (the kind you are able to design when you have a brain the size of a planet) which could be sold for profit/donated to science/donated to an art gallery, but nobody is really sure where this formerly intelligent super object is, so you must search the galaxy.
  10. Deliphin

    Deliphin Pangalactic Porcupine

    Finally, a race mod I actually LIKE. No offense to other devs, though. Making a race can't be that easy.
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  11. 28Mark

    28Mark Pangalactic Porcupine

    wow so strange but if you flip the head around it creates ANOTHER RACE! Space Raptors or Space Rabbits ya know?
  12. KuroErin

    KuroErin Star Wrangler

    I'm enjoying it either way. Working on crafting some of the armor while getting my server set up for a few friends.
  13. Fuufuu

    Fuufuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I have a suggestion.. Is it possible to make it so you don't need to wipe your character once you update the mod ? Or thats only gonna come once Starbound Devs make that part of the game ?
  14. Fuufuu

    Fuufuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I encountered a bug or something.. and it rendered my starbound Unplayable, EVEN the portforwarded server I was on :/... As An Avali, I entered an avian Village. Started getting stuff. And there was a codex. I don't know which one it was. but it had a 2 on it. I clicked on it and Suddenly everything starbound started not working(with the pop up error window) The server and the game. And ever since, If I try Reloading my avali Character. It crashes. The server, I try running it again, but once fully loaded, Crashes :/
    Sooo this is the second time a race mod made me uninstall everything and reinstall ; w; ! And they looked soooo nice Dx shdjhdjklhdhdh.. I had such a nice house on the planet too... Bleeeh... Now Im just whining and not posting a bug Dx Sorry. but yea.. I'd try making a new actual character. But Seeing as how my server doesn't even work. Well... yea.. I don't think it'll show much progress.
  15. KuroErin

    KuroErin Star Wrangler

    Only thing I have really found weird is just when eating. The tongue is under the mouth when it eats. Or behind it rather.
  16. shinyarceus4

    shinyarceus4 Pangalactic Porcupine

    It's giving me a "Client-server connection no longer valid" error when I try to play.

    My modlist:
    Extended Character Creation (with Elves race)
    Fully Customizable Ship
    Freaks of Nature creature parts
    Kaenids race
    More Matter Manipulators
    BetaKids race
    Argonians race
    Sergals race
    SmartPet AI
    Smelting mod crafting station
    SS13 Chemistry

    I've also attached my log for troubleshooting purposes.

    Attached Files:

  17. Fuufuu

    Fuufuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Sooooo coming back after fixing my stuff.. I had to delete The whoooole player content, and universe. Thing is though, The Avali File didn't appear, until I uninstalled it from steam. and it appeared then. Otherwise, the game was glitched, thinking I had still my character Data.But.. yea.. you might wanna check those Codex Stuff :s Since.. thats the source of my initial problem.. buuut yea.. Imma wait till The next wipe to make a new char.. and remake my house..
  18. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    Odd, the line it cites seems to be related to the codex too - I think this could be the problem event, if nothing else it bugs me.
    Error: UniverseServer exception caught: AssetException: Could not read variant value /codex/codex.config:initialcodex.avali
    caused by: VariantException: No such key in Variant::get("avali") in query("initialcodex.avali")
    That is really bizarre, just to confirm are you playing in single player when you're getting this error? - You might want to try this first however:

    That sounds rather alarming. You didn't happen to grab the log file for the crash or anything did you or manage to remember what the codex was? - The avali mod doesn't actually add any new books, just the 3 starter codex entries. Deleting the whole universe was probably overkill; worst case scenario it was probably your character's .metadata file that was borked by it. It seemsl ike a possibility that the problem was caused by another mod, but, without the log file there's no way to be sure and without a name for the book I don't have a place to start looking.

    Double checking the avali file structure I can confirm there shouldn't be any books, certainly none with an icon

    Yeah i just noticed that last night, the emotes sprite sheet seems to have shifted a pixel or two so they're not quite overlaying properly, super-easy to fix, probably happened when I tweaked the head positioning by a pixel or two.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
  19. minipidge123

    minipidge123 Void-Bound Voyager

    One of those other race mods might be causing issues by not using _merge. Remove them all and re-add them one by one to find the offender(s), then go bug the developer(s) to go get it implemented.
  20. Fuufuu

    Fuufuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Probably was.. But im pretty sure it was a vanilla book. It was brown with yellow/Orange trim.
    I'll try checking if it was only the .metadata file Since I didn't empty my garbage bin. anyways. Hopefully I'll be back with good news o/
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