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RELEASED Avali (Triage) 1.11.0

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. Fevix

    Fevix Heliosphere

    Fevix submitted a new mod:

    Avali (Triage) - Return of the fluffy space raptors

    Read more about this mod...
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016
  2. carriontrooper

    carriontrooper Existential Complex

  3. Fevix

    Fevix Heliosphere

    I know of those, and would gladly add them to the addons page, but as you said, they're outdated. I'm hoping this sparks some resurgence to get those mods update once more.
  4. Akula

    Akula Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hell, I'm excited to see if this goes anywhere, seeing how RyuujinZERO disappeared. Nicely done.
  5. BiancaRoughFin

    BiancaRoughFin Void-Bound Voyager

    So this is the Avali for UG?
  6. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Iam was like crazy when i saw this.............. LOL its finally updated.
  7. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    If I remember correctly, Ryuujin didnt disappear, hes merely off until starbound reaches a more determined and defined phase, which is what a lot of mod authors have done. But still, its great to see the race back, even if its a fan effort instead.
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  8. carriontrooper

    carriontrooper Existential Complex

    Oh derp, I thought you were asking for more mods to update.
  9. Fevix

    Fevix Heliosphere


    I'd love to update them, or at least try (Mackinz did the legwork updating this mod, I just did a few little tweaks), but I'd rather wait until there's a community need for it.
  10. Dragon_Tom005

    Dragon_Tom005 Existential Complex

    When i saw this mod among the list of recent mods:[​IMG]
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  11. Pohany

    Pohany Parsec Taste Tester

    Teleport does not work and crash the game! T__T (Version of the game unstable) Steam last update.
  12. carriontrooper

    carriontrooper Existential Complex

    This mod does not work on Unstable builds, only Stable. That teleporter bug is already reported in other race mods with ships as well.
  13. Razek Praxis

    Razek Praxis Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah I'm getting the exact same thing. Thing is, I do believe I'm running a stable version of Upbeat
  14. Fevix

    Fevix Heliosphere

    I'll take a look at it this afternoon after I get off from work. If using the 'beam down' button along the right side of the screen still works, you're going to have to use that for a bit.

    If Stable really has updated, I missed it and will be working on an update ASAP (LIkely releasing this afternoon)
  15. Dragon_Tom005

    Dragon_Tom005 Existential Complex

    Does this mean you'll be... Ooooh i dunno... possibly adding... stuff to the mod? Maybe sum cool stuff. Or maybe nothing super cool. Maybe just... new things that are... not already in the mod? :badpokerface:
  16. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

    Excellent, thanks Fevix.
  17. JunosatoRyu

    JunosatoRyu Pangalactic Porcupine

    Fevix, you have my sincere thanks for this project.

    I wish I could offer you aid, but since my coding skill is arranged around 0, all I can offer would be graphical assistance if needed.

    Also does anyone know where the Graphene file in the mod folder is located?
    (Double graphene issue with Fracking Universe and Avali...)

    Also is there a known fault in EITHER mod after deleting the graphene in either, or does it just work with either mods version of graphene?
  18. carriontrooper

    carriontrooper Existential Complex

    Either graphene works fine, it's mostly just namespace issues. If you delete one the other mod's recipes still registers it as graphene.
    And in Avali it's located in items>generic>crafting.
  19. gatosardina

    gatosardina Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    as some people have said, the game crashes if you try to use the ship teleporter, in stead of the beam down button
    HOWEVER, it doesn't crash when i use the outpost teleporter or any other teleporter i place in planets
  20. ElecSpider

    ElecSpider Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah, seems the stock ship teleporters are given a new interface. So I'd guess hooking up mod ships and mod races' ships to that may fix it.

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