RELEASED Babies Take After Their Parents! Recolors + New Toddler Hair and Clothes (Updated 11/20/18)

Discussion in 'Characters' started by lilipea, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. lilipea

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    I uploaded the Caroline/Abigail based babies, the Diverse Stardew (Emily) babies, and pink haired babies using Shane's as a base. You can find them on the first post under 'Extras'. Hope you guys like them! Haven't packed one of these in a while so let me know if there's any issues.

    Still going to do more updates to other colors, just decided to get requests out first :)
    • breatemata

      breatemata Void-Bound Voyager

      thank you so much<3
      • Charamaffle

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        There are some quotes in Stardew Valley that suggest that Abigail's dad is actually the wizard and that her hair is naturally purple, caroline just covers it up by dying it! If you befriend her and pierre you might find some evidence
        • •astrea•

          •astrea• Space Hobo

          Okay so I’m new to modding and have no clue how to get this mod to work. I already have SMAPI installed and when I load the modded game (cause I was following the config info) it says that the mod won’t work because “it contains files, but none of them are manifest.json” I brushed it off and thought that it was supposed to say that because I hadn’t gotten the config file yet. So I exited my loaded game and checked the folder for the mod and the config file didn’t appear. I tried going through the whole day and saving instead of just leaving and that didn’t work either. After that I thought maybe it has to do with the message that popped up earlier, so I went back into the folder again and the manifest.json file is there. As of right now, I am at a complete loss as to what I am doing wrong. Honestly, I’m a total idiot so I probably missed something simple but if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it :cry:

          Additional info:
          I have the latest version of the mod and it’s v2
          • tiffy961

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            I -think- it's because the mod is supposed to work with content patcher if I'm not wrong?
            I haven't used SMAPI in ages and I don't personally use Content Patcher. I manually place the mods into my folders.
            If you don't use Content Patcher but only SMAPI, I can maybe make the mod so it would (hopefully) work for you?
            • Moragaine

              Moragaine Existential Complex

              To use this mod you're going to want both Smapi, which allows mods to load and Content Patcher, which loads image replacers like this mod. You're getting the 'no manifest' error because the folder you want is inside another folder, which also contains instructions on how to set up the config file for the options you want. (You should also change your nic-name to something typeable on any keyboard)
              • luciakenna

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                I am terrible with technology and programming so I'm finding the config file for v2 really hard to navigate, i am married to sebastian and i want my girl to be ginger with the hairbuns and my boy to have dark hair with the messy style. How do i go about doing this in the config file because i am super confused! any help would be really appreciated! Great work on the mod overall though the sprites look amazing!!

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