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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Arknir, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Arknir

    Arknir Void-Bound Voyager

    Bakugo Katsuki from My Hero Academia joins Stardew Valley as a new NPC. He lives at the Blacksmith with Clint in exchange for smelting his ores with his explosion quirk. Brand new marriageable candidate. Bakugo is a pro hero that is searching for a way back to his world. His attitude improves as the farmer becomes friends with him.

    Animations: Lifting weights, tossing a grenade, and his explosion quirk.
    His explosion quirk is a totally unique animation!

    I estimate that the completion will take about a month.
    Lots of secrets and references hidden within the mod. For example, on Saturdays he plays the Drums during Sam's band practice.

    • Dialogue
    • Schedule
    • Overworld Sprites
    • Initial Vanilla Portrait
    • Gift Tastes
    • Quests
    • 2-heart and 6-heart events
    Needs to be finished:
    • Other heart events
    • Event/Festival Data
    • Spouse Room
    • Better art?
    2-Heart Event:

    6-Heart Event:

    *Looking for an artist to redesign better in-game portraits! (Preferably 256x256 pixels per frame for more detail!) Let me know if you're interested. Here is his current in-game portrait to be used as reference!

    BakugoPortraits.png LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! THANKS!
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    • Lucilleliu

      Lucilleliu Void-Bound Voyager

      cool. waiting for it to complete :kitten2:
      • Coolwyngs

        Coolwyngs Giant Laser Beams

        Cool looking good
        • Wolffang719

          Wolffang719 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          I'm always interested in new NPCs when Stardew Valley is concerned though I can't help but worry a bit; you started this post on March 17th stating it would be about a month to complete though as I'm writing this its been nearly two, I don't want to be an arse and whine about when it'll be ready but I haven't seen anything more said since then and I'm worried this is going to end up as another unfinished mod lost to time...
          • Cakemonster

            Cakemonster Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Any word on the progress of this mod? I've been anticipating it for a while, I'd even download it in an unfinished state.
            • gunterjames

              gunterjames Orbital Explorer

              I hope he gets updated and I'm happy that he seems to be canon-friendly as he works for the Adventurer's guild.
              • FuzzyMittens

                FuzzyMittens Void-Bound Voyager

                This is AMAZING!
                • Lusska

                  Lusska Void-Bound Voyager

                  another npc mod abandoned ...
                  • Tuesday

                    Tuesday Space Hobo

                    Hello~ Me and my sister is so excited to play ths mod :D
                    i hope you can give us an update on working this mod hehe~ thankyou!
                    • donaout

                      donaout Space Hobo

                      Still working at these? do you have patreon by any chance?
                      • Yuki_Luna

                        Yuki_Luna Space Hobo

                        Heya! i just found out about it and it looks really good so far!
                        Even tho there is nothing pointing to you still working on it know that there are some ppl cheering for you :3
                        But dont feel pressured by any means your health and own wishes still matter the most! ^^

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