Barn and Coop internal dimensions

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  1. Khaylain

    Khaylain Aquatic Astronaut

    So, I was curious as to what the dimensions and useable space inside the barn and coop were, but when I looked for this information I had a hard time finding it. So I did what anyone who likes theorycrafting would do, I figured it out myself.

    To start out, I measured x times y for the dimensions, and then subtracted the tiles where you can't place anything from the useable space.

    Coop: 3x6 outside dimensions

    • 10x6 Internal = 60
    • 11 Unuseable tiles
    • 49 Useable tiles
    • 2,7 times outside dimensions as useable space.
    Big Coop:
    • 14x6 Internal = 84
    • 18 Unuseable tiles
    • 66 Useable tiles
    • 4,6 times outside dimensions as useable space.
    Deluxe Coop:
    • 21x6 Internal = 126
    • 26 Unuseable tiles
    • 100 Useable tiles
    • 7 times outside dimensions as useable space

    Barn: 4x7 outside dimensions

    • 16x11 Internal =176
    • 37 Unuseable tiles
    • 139 Useable tiles
    • 4,9 times outside dimensions as useable space.

    Big Barn:
    • 20x11 Internal =220
    • 43 Unuseable tiles
    • 177 Useable tiles
    • 6 times outside dimensions as useable space.
    Deluxe Barn:
    • 23x11 Internal =253
    • 46 Unuseable tiles
    • 207 Useable tiles
    • 7 times outside dimensions as useable space.

    You're welcome to look into my work and post any errors you find and I'll do my best to fix them, but I believe I've gotten this correct. The barn has one big wall that's 5x4 thick, counting as unuseable space in all of the barns, it is included in the unuseable tiles. In addition to that there are tiles along the walls in both the barn and coop that take away from the useable space, this should also be correctly included in the unuseable tiles in my calculations.

    The last number shows how many times the tiles in the buildings footprint should fit in the useable tiles inside the building.

    Hope this helps someone out. Hope it's all clear and straightforward.
    • mrobake

      mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

      How about Slime Hatch? Is it bigger than the Deluxe Barn?
      • Khaylain

        Khaylain Aquatic Astronaut


        I haven't built the slime hutch myself, so I haven't been able to check, but I hope the answer in that thread is correct.

        Edit: But I've read that the slime hutch is 11x7 outside, and the internal is smaller than the deluxe barn if that linked thread is correct. The ratio would be very low if that is the case
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        • mrobake

          mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

          Slime Hutch got 161 usable tiles.

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          • Giant Octopodes

            Giant Octopodes Industrial Terraformer

            this is very useful information. Thank you very much!

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