RELEASED Barn & Coop - Extended(Extra space)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by SKKN, May 2, 2016.

  1. SKKN

    SKKN Big Damn Hero

    Hi guys I know the vanilla Barn(3) and Coop(3) is a bit small, especially for me so I decided to expend it.

    Sorry I don't have any pictures of it as of yet but Its a pretty simple map replacement. So this map extension simply made the original barn (barn 3) about 80% bigger and coop (Coop 3) about 120% bigger.

    The files need to be replaced in the "Stardew Valley; Content; Map" Folder.

    For the barn, I rework the map done by dizarus which was a clutter free deluxe farm. So credits to him for the base barn.

    Please make sure to have backups of the original barn and coop files for I hold NO responsibility if anything mess up.

    You can use the files as you want. There is no copy-right or anything. Enjoy! :) :)

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    • mvhnexus

      mvhnexus Pangalactic Porcupine

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      • SKKN

        SKKN Big Damn Hero

        Glad you like it. Feedbacks are welcome too if you have any ideas to improve it.
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        • asteriaex

          asteriaex Void-Bound Voyager

          How is everyone extending areas? That's something that I'd love to learn!
          • SKKN

            SKKN Big Damn Hero

            tIDE is the app you'll need if you want to extend maps and its pretty easy and fun but, making wrap points is an entirely different matter and one I still do not get.

            Edit: ALL and SMPAI Farmhand can also be used to put in new places but its better you go to their respective pages if you wana learn.
            • Androxilogin

              Androxilogin Giant Laser Beams

              I like the idea but they're entirely too big. I made my own a while back but animals don't really make use of the new space so I discarded the idea and went with basic.
              • taintedwheat

                taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                You know, if this was edited to where there was an small bit that was extended and cleaned up for a few machines would be cool.
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                • goatw0rk007

                  goatw0rk007 Intergalactic Tourist

                  So it just means get Stardew valley package manager is essential then -> not using the mod or using it.
                  • SKKN

                    SKKN Big Damn Hero

                    Nope not at all, my mod changes the map itself so if you just replace it in the Content, Map folder you will be able to use the map that I made without any 3rd party SMPAI or Storm.
                    • SKKN

                      SKKN Big Damn Hero

                      bump? :p
                      • Yuuki777

                        Yuuki777 Void-Bound Voyager

                        Do this work on 1.1?
                        • Koutetsu

                          Koutetsu Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          If it's a simple map edit, then yes it should still work. I don't think ConcernedApe changed anything in the barn or coop for 1.1.
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                          • SKKN

                            SKKN Big Damn Hero

                            Yeap thats right it'll work :)

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