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Bug/Issue Barn door blocked in one direction by stump

Discussion in 'Support' started by fressen, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. fressen

    fressen Space Hobo

    I was able to site a barn such that a large stump blocked the entry door. I was then able to enter the barn, but while I could exit the barn by going south, I was immediately blocked by the presence of a large stump (that required a copper axe to break, which I did not have on me at the time). My only available move was to go north back into the barn.

    My suggestion is have the "preview" option is to have boulders, stumps and other obstructions prevent the barn from being located when the exit would be blocked.

    Thanks for a great game!
    • newcomer3

      newcomer3 Big Damn Hero

      This is the forum for Starbound support, there is a separate forum for Stardew Valley :)
      • fressen

        fressen Space Hobo

        Doh! Mods, can you delete this thread? Thanks!
        • Mackinz

          Mackinz The Waste of Time

          To ask a forum moderator to do anything to a thread within reason, use the Report Abuse button under the initial post. I have already done so, and asked the moderation to move the thread to the appropriate section of the forum.
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