RELEASED Barn1 interior remade for storage/machines

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    This is a remake/re-texture of the standard level 1 barn interior.All animal elements have been removed except for the feed hopper.Please note: This mod only replaces a starter barn(level 1)interior,all other barns will remain the vanilla version.Please place the file into maps in your Stardew Valley folder.

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      Okay I have a couple of screenshots for you to show off your hutch interior in use.

      The first one is my brewery - so just kegs and preserves jars. The chest contains all the crops I plan to use to make wine/jelly and since I didn't have anything else to do with the basement area I went ahead and stuck a slime incubator down there. Might do the same on the other one too, just for the hell of it. I've placed a gate in front of the stairs so they can't get out and make trouble.
      New Hutch Interior 1.png

      Second one is my production building - all the machines needed to process animal products. My farm is mainly a dairy farm so I keep a LOT of cheese presses. I will be adding more to the right side as I add more cows.
      New Hutch Interior 2.png

      For both, I placed down the wood flooring because I like the contrast better against the darker wood walls. Stone floor might look quite nice too if you want a slightly more industrial feel vs. the rustic look. I have to wait for the preserves jars to finish their current batch before I can place the flooring under them, so they look a bit weird right now.

      Thanks again for making this, I love having all that extra room. :)
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        You're very welcome! I'm just glad I could make something original and useful. I love the pictures! It looks wonderful and very proportionate. It's just perfect! :)
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          The Zip.. theres nothing inside of it

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