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RELEASED [BBSF]- Big blue serpent furniture v2.0

A little mod I use for building.

  1. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

    TheBigBlueSerpent submitted a new mod:

    BBSF- Big blue serpent furniture - A little mod I use for building.

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. JunosatoRyu

    JunosatoRyu Pangalactic Porcupine

    ...I didn know you were wanting to do your own thing so badly...

    You win.
    I'll give up.
  3. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Can't wait to download this. I don't have my computer though ;-;
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  4. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

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  5. Deadbeef1010

    Deadbeef1010 Orbital Explorer

    how doyou get the furniture
  6. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

    Each furniture item can be crafted for one pixel each! :)
  7. Deadbeef1010

    Deadbeef1010 Orbital Explorer

    is there a specific place to craft them
  8. Hibob42

    Hibob42 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This mod looks interesting, any chance of it getting updated to Pleased Giraffe?
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  9. LLQPM

    LLQPM Void-Bound Voyager

    What Hibob said. Any chance for an updated version?
  10. Alextheman1987

    Alextheman1987 Space Spelunker

    May i ask you, if you can make a Modern bed? If you made one that would fit the modern set, anyway Nice mod!
    Also please make this Multiplayer compatable, when i place down furnature it sends me back to my ship if i place it in my ship it sends me an error this is the error
    Fatal Error: Access violation detected at 00C38714 (Read of address 00000088)
    [0] 10b366a
    [1] 10b0ebe
    [2] 1127a72
    [3] b0e43f
    [4] bc286c
    [5] bc095d
    [6] af5dd8
    [7] c036c8
    [8] 10a38e9
    [9] aee940
    [10] 117e479
    [11] 117e276
    [12] 114e70c
    [13] 755938f4 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [14] 77ed56c3 RtlUnicodeStringToInteger
    [15] 77ed568e RtlUnicodeStringToInteger
  11. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

  12. creeper22

    creeper22 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yay you updated it but why does it still say it is outdated?
  13. FooFooFoo

    FooFooFoo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Great mod, with nicely drawn stuff!
    Unfortunately in this update you took the material id numbers used in General store mod materials, not a big deal since that mod is outdated.
  14. FREEZER222

    FREEZER222 Aquatic Astronaut

    Please add a simple crafting bench. Its hard to find furniture and blocks.
  15. GoldenstarArtist

    GoldenstarArtist Cosmic Narwhal

    Any news on whether this mod will be compatible with the upcoming July 22nd 1.0 update?

    We have made our own crafting recipes (With the creator permission) but it would still be nice to have some kind of bench or to simply have them added to the pixel printer from the start.
  16. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    Hey man, hope to see your mod updated :)
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