Bear NPC's

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What type of bears do you want in Starbound?

  1. Jetpack Bear

  2. Sniper Bear

  3. Harpoon Bear

  4. Penguin Bear

  5. All Of The Above

  1. CrashJac

    CrashJac Orbital Explorer

    I don't know about you guys but I personally think Starbound needs a beary touch. Not so much to make it Un-Bear-Able but we need bears. A couple ideas in the poll.
  2. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    Harpoon bears make sense. I couldn't bear to see them without access to fish!
  3. x-adam1234-x

    x-adam1234-x Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i thought it was an electric eel @(
  4. Eddy Steel

    Eddy Steel Existential Complex

    Fisher bears, They would sell fishing rods and fish, there would also be wild bear enemies that if aggro'd would be unBEARable!
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  5. x-adam1234-x

    x-adam1234-x Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    :D amazing idea but couldn't BEAR to kill one of them.
  6. Eddy Steel

    Eddy Steel Existential Complex

    Even so, If you killed one it would drop a BEARd that would scare off enemies except big enemies like that tentacle monster and such.
  7. jackalope

    jackalope Big Damn Hero

    I demand Bear empires!
  8. OmnipotentEntity

    OmnipotentEntity Code Monkey Forum Administrator

    Bears are ruthless killing machines and they are after your honey.
  9. Zeldo

    Zeldo Big Damn Hero

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  10. EWA

    EWA Twenty-three is number one

    I hope there are some bears in Starbound but not enough to cause Pandamondium.
    Imagine walking onto a brand new planet unprebeared and all the sudden a swarm of bears attacks you and you die.
  11. Zeldo

    Zeldo Big Damn Hero

    I tried to imagine that. All I got was a literal swarm of tiny bears with wings flying at me at maximum velocity.
    Anyone got a spare pair of undies?
  12. EWA

    EWA Twenty-three is number one

    Well imagine a swarm of full size bears with wings flying at you at maximum velocity.
  13. Zeldo

    Zeldo Big Damn Hero

    I shall never sleep again. :(
  14. CluckyGaming

    CluckyGaming Space Spelunker

    i liked them all
  15. CrashJac

    CrashJac Orbital Explorer

    Also, the shark is a kind of attack dog for the (sentient) bears.
  16. Dr Fushba

    Dr Fushba Cosmic Narwhal

    They should try to attack you by hitting you with a smaller bear.

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