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Bug/Issue Beta Bugs, from Stardew Valley Fair, to Fishing, to House Errors, and More

Discussion in 'Support' started by Azriet, May 4, 2018.

  1. Azriet

    Azriet Void-Bound Voyager

    We have recently encountered a number of bugs, and instead of making separate threads for all of them I wanted to compile them.

    Stardew Valley Fair
    -Fishing tent
    -Can sometimes have other players' cast meter sounds overlay your own cast meter sound
    -If someone eats a burger and then joins the tent, anyone else already fishing hears and sees a burger getting eaten by an invisible character
    -Can see other player's splashes of when their bobbers land
    -If someone is fishing at the bottom of the pond their arms will clip through their head when they are reeling in a fish (see screencap)

    -If one player is talking to Lewis to gain rewards for the grange display while another starts to empty it, the player talking to Lewis will get less rewards depending on how many items are actually in the display when Lewis says the line about how many points were obtained.

    -If one player is fishing when it hits 2 AM, they will be able to continue fishing and the day will not end until they have changed maps, but time will continue to progress. If this happens this can cause the game to not progress for other players as the screen stays black and does not progress to show any increases for the day unless the player that was fishing closes their client.
    Have not attempted having the player wait until 6 AM.

    -If one player gets a chest in the mines it does not appear for other players. This causes an issue at level 100, making the stardrop only available to one player.

    -In a cabin upgraded once, the flooring will reset itself if the player disconnects at any point, including multiple days after having placed the flooring.
    -In the cabin, any food placed into the refrigerator will disappear if the player disconnects at any point, including multiple days after having placed the food in the refrigerator
    -In the cabin, the hitbox for the refrigerator is on the sink, instead.

    -A non-host player (A) borrowed a pickaxe (steel) from another non-host player (B ), and A went to sleep. Both the host and B passed out in the mines. In the morning, A woke up to find a pickaxe (basic) next to their bed, and an axe (basic) and a scythe filling a chest in their house (there were only two open slots). These tools cannot be deleted. A letter in the mail came for A saying that Lewis found their tools in the lost-and-found and put them next to their bed.
    -If something is interacted with while the player is running, the running animation and sound do not stop until the player stops interacting.

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