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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by trashkuun, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. trashkuun

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    So just opted into the beta for multiplayer and was playing with some friends for about three hours straight. We are all really enjoying it a lot, but I have a few suggestions to make working together a lot easier.

    1. Trading Windows
      When players are trying to give each other things, you can only give a certain amount at a time. It would be a lot faster to have potential trading windows pop up for easy trading. Standing around chests and waiting for others to stop using them is a bit of a hassle when you are in town and need to trade things.

    2. Announce When Players Are Waiting
      For festivals and sleeping, it would be nice to have a notice of when others are waiting on you to join them. Maybe just a simple text prompt in the chat saying "1/4 Players Ready for Bed" or something of the sort. Those who do not use voice chat while playing Stardew will have a easier time of gently saying "Hey, I'm ready to go! Could you come here?" without the hassle of needing to type that all out.

    3. Other Players Noises (Not sure if bug or not)
      So as me and my friends were playing, we noticed that we could hear each other doing things on other sections of the map/game. One could be at the beach fishing and another could be on the farm chopping wood and we could hear each other. It was... Annoying. My friends complained about it and it was a bit distracting when doing other things in the game that relied on sound. It would be nice if there was a way to turn that off or if it just didn't happen to hear other player noises unless near each other.

    4. Backpack Price (Not sure if bug or not)
      When finally having enough to purchase a backpack, it was a bit disappointing that not everyone got a backpack at the same time. I understand why it is that way, but the price-tag is a bit high for trying to get more than one backpack at a time. Could it potentially be once a backpack upgrade was purchased it would be shared among all characters or making the backpack in multi-player cheaper to purchase. Since money is shared between all players, it is a far more difficult to get backpack upgrades for four people in a game.
    Thank you for looking at my thread of suggestions! I hope to be able to give some better feedback and hopefully these suggestions are a common want of the community. Among my friends these were the top four suggestions we had collectively and I hunted out the official forum for this. (I will be making a bug thread soon as we found those as well.) ♥ Thank you for finally releasing multiplayer! Me and my friends are so excited to have Stardew to play together! ♥

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    • Kaydia

      Kaydia Void-Bound Voyager

      I can add something to this:

      The "green candy cane" decorations bought at the Night Market are very blue and not really green. It's not a major thing. Also, I'd like the ability to put the large candy canes on walls, much the same way Leah does.

      • Astruxis

        Astruxis Seal Broken

        Exactly the same things my friends and I thought of as well when we played for a few hours straight.
        • TheRaven81

          TheRaven81 Pangalactic Porcupine

          Some suggestions for connection information:
          We need to have a way to see:
          - Everyone connected, including the host
          - The region they are connecting from(NA, EU, etc. - since we have found that if ppl who connect to each other are in the same region, then they have better results.)
          - Everyone's ping values between them and the host.

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