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Important BETA RELEASE DISCUSSION - DECEMBER 4TH (*ALL* beta discussion goes here. Other threads deleted)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Tiy

    Tiy Lead Developer Chucklefish

    Hi guys,

    In the interests of maintaining the forums as a fun place to hang out, I'd like to keep all discussion about the release date of the beta in this thread from now on. Other threads will be locked or deleted so a not to clog up the forum.

    The official release date is currently 2013. (updated as of 9-19-2013)

    If you preorder you'll get access to the beta this year.
    You'll still be able to preorder the full game after the beta has been released and thus get into the beta.

    We'll release it as soon as we feel it's ready for the public to play.

    We may potentially send press previews out to youtubers and other members of the press, if we feel the game is in a state at which the press can successfully preview it. This build will likely not be ready for players because it may contain game breaking bugs. However, as soon as a build that IS ready for players is available, the players will get it. It won't be held back for members of the press to get an early preview. If it so happens that we end up with a build that's suitable for players before we send anything to the press, press and players will get it at the same time.

    Bottom line: Sending previews out to the press will not delay the release of the beta to the public.
  2. Raybrandt

    Raybrandt Jackpot!

    Does this mean we get a page 1 that isn't 'BETA WHEN?'?

    Thank you, based Tiy.

    But seriously, beta w- OH GOD IT'S HAPPENING

    Hey guys I got 50 likes on one post am I cool now
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
  3. Samiz

    Samiz Big Damn Hero

    Thank you Tiy.
  4. Torren

    Torren Ketchup Robot

    Thank you for the clarification Tiy, I'm certain there are many members of the forums that will benefit from having this information on the front page. I'm willing to wait for quality, so take your time!
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  5. SephirothWS

    SephirothWS Phantasmal Quasar

    Thank you for the clarification on everything, Tiy. I hope you and the gang @ Chucklefish will be able to relax and take all the time you guys need to deliver a quality product. :)
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  6. Spike

    Spike Supernova

    This is a MUCH better alternative. Look sharp folks! Tiy is the master of this thread, so let us discuss this with as much civility as we possibly can.

    Well, it seems Tiy is pretty dead-set on a 2013 full game release date then. I would still like a 2013 beta release, and then a 2014 release in the interest of the Dev's health, but if Tiy think it is doable, then I have the utmost trust in him.
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  7. linkthegamer

    linkthegamer Master Astronaut

    Thanks for all the clarification.
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  8. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    The forums are really heatening up right now.

    We need to calm the people down. Not just sure how.
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  9. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    *crossing fingers*
  10. warcore

    warcore Existential Complex

    and this is the result of a almost completely out of control beta related thread and thus when said thread came under control chucklefish took action and made this thread as a way to fix the problem
    thank you tiy
    I would normally give a thumps up but in this case I give you a :up::up::up: and a :rainbow:
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  11. PaperGoat

    PaperGoat Industrial Terraformer

    I'm curious, spike.
    What leads you to believe that the devs are jeopardizing their health?
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  12. aljam

    aljam Cosmic Narwhal

    Now there won't be tons of "When's Beta?" threads. Thanks. Also...

    WHEN'S BETA!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. Sowaka

    Sowaka Phantasmal Quasar

    I'd be content with a beta release before 2014, that's assuming we keep our data and content when full release is out. With that said, I wouldn't mind official release being pushed into 2014 if it's needed, though I do hope it doesn't come to that.
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  14. Spike

    Spike Supernova

    They work everyday. That's, like, unhealthy dude.

    But yeah, I suppose my claim is baseless.
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  15. Xander

    Xander Spaceman Spiff

    Okay time to play devils.. trolls.. advocate.. whatever.

    Can you go into detail at all, as to what specifically needs to be in game before beta is released?
    Many people feel the game is at that state, that despite imperfect, the game is playable and wish to do so.

    You're having to constantly tell people, that you wouldn't dream of holding the game back from them.

    Many many people who post the same threads over and over. A little clearing of the air here about that, might help.
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  16. Spike

    Spike Supernova

    Hm.... I am wholly unqualified to say this, but I remember Tiy saying that they don't really know when the game is complete, since they constantly add features to it. Though I'm sure Tiy might have a different answer for this question, now that some time has passed.
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  17. Kish

    Kish Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I just wanted clarification on what was said in the other thread

    (forgive me I haven't memorized the quote button code)

    Bartwe had said 'We aren't going back on this, there will be a 2013 beta, but not soon.
    Its only been 3 months, no indie game preorder or kickstart is that fast.'

    What is 'soon' cause the daily updates give off the impression that soon for me is coming.

    EDIT: The roadmap suggest that a rough 75% 70% of the game is complete. All these are indications to me that beta is soon, and therefore I think 6 weeks tops. Again soon can be varying degrees for everyone.

    EDIT 2: I double checked my calculation was 70% completion.
  18. Spike

    Spike Supernova

    The "Its only been 3 months, no indie game preorder or kickstart is that fast." actually gives me the impression that the beta is not going to be soon just yet. I don't know.
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  19. PaperGoat

    PaperGoat Industrial Terraformer

    Don't they get at least sunday off? but some of them choose to work on side projects to "It’s a fun way to end the stress of the week and have a break from the important stuff." or "During weekends we allow ourselves to work on things that aren’t part of the beta todo list. It’s a good way of going fresh and motivated into a new week."?

    I don't know, it just seems to me they aren't as overworked as it seems to you.
  20. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    Bartwe said it on IRC that there's no chances at all for beta to come during July.
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